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10 fun family photo ideas - Family Photography

Some ideas for you to try on your next session with your family photographer or whilst out and about as a family.


Family love


1. Candid

- do you find yourself taking all the pictures and never end in them? Have your photographer take pictures of your family having fun to guarantee you're always in the shot.


2. Kissy face

- Ew! Mum and Dad are kissing! This is a cut pose with kids giggling at the parents being affectionate.


3. Nature Nostalgia

- keep it simple with soft colours in a natural setting. This will give you a sweet and uncomplicated composition.


4. Get wet

- there is something about the contrast of a family in their Sunday best getting caught in the rain that makes for a great photograph


5. Reflections

- capture your family reflection in still water for a unique and interesting photograph


6. Natural Habitat

- for a sweet and sincere photograph, choose your setting based on an activity your family likes to do together, e.g. cooking.


7. Silhouette

- you don't always need to see faces to evoke emotion. Try a serene sunset backdrop showing silhouettes only.


8. Family profile

- there is something about the blend of black and white and only showing their heads that lends a feeling of intellect.


9. Friends forever

- brothers and sisters have a special bond that only siblings can understand. Start photographing loving moments when they are young and make a collage to mark a special day like a graduation or a wedding.


10. Little love

- taking separate shots of siblings is a wonderful keepsake to remind them that they've always got a friend.


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