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22 things to do with your children

Children's photography sessions, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire


Its half term! Although it is very different this year. Lockdown is slowly lifting and we are able to travel a bit more and spend more time outdoors.

I thought I would share some of my favourite kid-friendly activities 

Many of the activities are ones that I enjoy or have enjoyed in the past, with my own children. Many are free or cheap to do.


1. Climb a tree

We are so lucky here in the Forest of Dean - surrounded by trees and many wonderful picnic areas with lots of fabulous trees to climb. At Wenchford you will always find a few rope swings amongst the trees - remember trees can be slippery if it's rained recently - its a good idea to check before climbing


2. Roll down a really big hill

check that there isn't anything in the way (especially if its brown and sticky!)


3. Build a den

Branches, twigs, leaves and ferns make cosy dens. Struggling to get your dent stand up? A wigwam design against a tree makes it easier.


4. Run around in the rain

Afterwards make a footprint of your muddy wellies.


5. Fly a kite

Look for a nice clear sky and a large open space to fly your kite. May hill is a fabulous spot.


6. Go pond dipping

There are a loads of nature reserves in the area or streams, take a net and bucket and see what you can catch.


10. Play conkers

To find your winning conker, drop some into a bucket of water, if they float, they will lose but those that sink are sure to be winners!


11. Go on a really long bike ride.

The family cycle path is a great trail for families, for the more adventurous there are miles and miles of mountain bike tracks here in the forest.


12. Make a mud pie

Decorate your pie with some sticks, stones and leaves.


13. Make a trail with sticks.

Can your friends follow the trail to reach the treasure at the end.


14. Dam a stream

Wedge big big rocks or sicks near the middle of your dam to make it super strong. Fill any gaps with smaller stones and twigs to it watertight. Both Cannop Ponds and Wenchford have swallow streams perfect for little ones to play in.


15. Make a daisy chain.

Find daisies with long thick stems, this makes it easier to make holes in and they won't break easily. 


16. Create some wild art.

Grab some sticks, leaves, flowers and let your creativity run wild.


17. Play pooh sticks.

Find a little bridge and race those sticks!


18. Go on a barefoot walk

Feel the grass, mud and other textures between your toes - keep an eye out for thistles and other things that might poke you. 


19. Make grass trumpets 

Look for a long straight piece of grass that's thick and dry. Place your thumbs together and hold the blade of grass between them, gripping it at the top and bottom of your thumbs. Take a deep breath and blow in between your thumbs.


20. Hunt for bugs

There are more than 20,000 types of insects in the UK - how many can you find?


21. Bring up a butterfly

What you need to get started:

1. a caterpillar

2. a large plastic tub with small holes in the lid

3. leaves 

4. slightly damp soil to line the bottom of your tub

5. A twig or two to lean against the side of the tub.


22. Go a night hike

Some creatures only come out at night! Try turning off your torch for 10 minutes, see if you can see in the dark or if you can hear any animals.


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