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4 key shots for your brand

4 key shots you can take yourself for Your Brand - Tips for capturing your own images.

There are so many challenges to running a small business and at the moment it is even more challenging.


Even during all this uncertainty we still need to retain some sort of online presence to continue to engage with our clients and keep our businesses afloat.



But what if....


You don’t feel able or don’t know how to create your own images  that reflect your brand?

You are running out of suitable images?




You still want to connect on a more personal level with your audience.

You want to continue to be proactive in your business and stand out in the online marketplace which is so busy and noisy. 

Nowadays, it is not enough to have a fabulous product or service, we have to show them what makes it different, we need to stand out from the crowd.


Being consistent is so important, poor quality and inconsistency can devalue your brand and undo all your hard work.


Here are 4 key branding photos that you can take for your brand.


~ You 

~ Your workspace

~Tools of the trade

~ Flat lays


You - make your brand instantly recognisable.


A good headshot which you use consistently across all of your online presence makes your business instantly recognisable. You are after all the face behind your brand.

Firstly, find a spot which has a clear background - check for tress, lamp posts, lights etc, you don’t want them coming out of the top go your head. 

Look for good natural light - face a window, this will produce the most flattering light. Turn off any lights in the room as these can create a colour cast.

Position yourself towards the camera at a slight angle. Bring one shoulder slightly forward. Stand tall and pull your shoulders back. keep your neck long and lift your head slightly.

We are often unsure what to do with our hands, it is a good idea to hold something, it could be a tool of your trade. Alternatively, hook one or both of your thumbs into a pocket.

Smile with both your eyes and your mouth! 


Ideally you would want someone at home to help you take this, if you don’t have anyone use either a self timer or a remote trigger to take the image. Prop your camera up a stack of books or use a tripod.

Key shots for your brand - a headshot


Your workspace - where the magic happens


We are naturally curious beings. Sharing your workspace can be really interesting for your audience to see where you create the magic. Recently, I visited many members of Local Business Rocks as part of their faces behind the business series. It was fascinating visiting members at their places of work, it gave me a greater understanding of  their businesses.

 This is no harm in styling your space! Clear the away the clutter and remove any unnecessary items to keep the focus on the things that matter.

Include a few props or tools of your trade to dress your workspace. This could be something that you use every day in your work or helps to describe your business’ uniqueness.

You could also include a few items that express your personality.

Consider your brand colours. Can you incorporate a few items in your brand colours into your workspace - a mug, a notebook.

If you can include yourself in your workspace, this is a much more powerful image. Again you will need a willing helper or a tripod to capture this one. 


Ket shots for your brand - your workspace


Tools of the trade 


Sharing the tools of your trade positions you are the expert. It also creates some beautiful images.

These can be captured as a  lifestyle image or as a flat lay.

Lifestyle images are a great way to show your business environment and share your workspace as well as the tools of your trade.

You can get really creative with these images, use them to encourage engagement on your posts. For example, a close up, a reminder that your order book is open.

Look for a clean backdrop and good natural light.

 Play with heights, distances to create interest. Stack some items higher, move some items away from the camera or even half way out of the frame to add interest.


key shots for your brand - tools of your trade 

Flat lays - from above


These can be an easy and effective way to share some of the things that you use regularly in  your business.

You will need a nice natural light source, a clean neutral backdrop, for example your floor maybe a lovely stone or wooden one, some fabric, wallpaper or a piece of lino. You can also purchase professional backdrops like these.

Gather a variety of items from your desk, any stationary, fresh flowers, magazines either trade or inspirational, a mug.

Don’t be afraid to leave space, this can be useful for adding text to your images afterwards (canva is great for creating social media posts).

Don’t worry if items fall out of the frame.

Think about what is the focus point and what you want your audience to be drawn to.

Think about light, shadow, textures, depth, and colours when creating your flay lays. Head over to Pinterest or Instagram (follow #flatlays for lots of inspiration.)

key shots for your brand - flat lays



I hope you found this guide helpful, I would love to see your creations. Tag @yourbrandbyctm over on instagram.


Capture this Moment Photography offers a range of photographic services to help Your Brand stand out from the crowd - headshots, personal branding sessions, your brand membership, workshops and 1-2-1 sessions. Let’s chat if you want to know more.

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