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5 Reasons Businesses Invest in Professional Photography

If you’re a bride to be in need of a wedding photographer or if you are planning a major school or family event you want to remember “forever,” then hiring a professional photographer is the obvious way to achieve the highest possible quality for your photos.


But what about businesses? Is it worthwhile for the average small business to invest in professional photography? The fact is, large numbers of businesses do make that investment and they do it because it has a very high ROI.


Here are 5 of the most important reasons why businesses should pay a little extra for professionally done photos:

1. Photogrammetric Mapping & Measuring


Many business types have a need to quickly and accurately map terrain photographically or to use photogrammetry to measure the distances between photographed objects or estimate the quantity of a material in a stockpile.


An unmanned aircraft system (UAS), more commonly called a “drone,” is usually used to accomplish this, along with geogrammetry software like that found at this webpage.


Surveyors use professional drone photography to map landscape contours. Forensic experts use it to map accident scenes. Farmers use it to inspect crops. And real estate developers use it to plan and monitor projects. The list goes on and on.

2. SEO Domination

To get found by potential new customers in their online searches, keyword phrases, meta description, quality-graded and unique content, and a host of other factors come into play. But one important SEO factor that is too often overlooked is the presence of high-quality images.


Optimized images on your Web pages and blog pages boost organic SEO results both for image and non-image searches.

3. Images Increase Online Engagement

Not only to high-grade, professional looking photos increase the chances of your pages getting found and clicked on, they also generate user engagement and increase the odds of making conversions.


Accurate, attractive images of your products and services “show” people what you’re all about instead of just “tell” them. Professionally done pictures and videos greatly increase the odds of people staying long on your site and making a purchase.

4. Brand Definition

The quality of your photos reflect on the quality of your brand in the minds of many customers. The types and styles of photos you associate with your brand also contribute by helping to establish a “persona” for your company.


There really is no more powerful brand awareness tool than photography. Pictures can say at least 1,000 words and stick in people’s memory far longer and more vividly than “mere text.” They perk interest, communicate core company values, and add a human touch to the way you represent yourself to customers.

5. Online and Offline Advertising

Everything photos do for your website they also do for your online ads, making them more engaging and allowing them to produce a far greater click rate and return on investment. Be it social media marketing, email marketing, or any other form of online advertising, pictures usually dominate as the core “trigger” in getting a response.


But offline advertising is also greatly aided by highly professional photos. A glossy brochure, magazine ad, or colorful photo-laden direct mail marketing flyer will often be the source of many conversions.


While most outside of the business world may not realize it, use of professional photography is as common with corporations as it is with private families and individuals. And the bottom line, brand awareness, and customer engagement level of businesses depends in large measure on the quality of the photographs they employ.

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