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A ‘Day’ in the Life of a Wedding Photographer


As a wedding photographer, my day starts long before your big day begins. In fact, the process can take anywhere from a few weeks to 20 months.  In this post I will talk you though my ‘day’ as a wedding photographer, I want to give you an idea of what it takes to capture your memories and do them justice. After all, this is the best day of your life and the photography should reflect that.

Day one

My ‘day’ starts the moment I meet you. I believe that an essential part of providing a quality wedding photography service is building a relationship with my clients before the big day. I want you to feel comfortable allowing me to share your wedding with you; I believe this relationship allows for the very best and most natural pictures to be taken. This rapport is something we start building from this first initial meeting. 

Day two

Once a contract is prepared and signed, I will set up a Pinterest board just for your wedding.  Having a space where we can share images that represent your dream helps me to be clear about what you want your wedding to look and feel like. I can then represent this dream in the images I take.  Work on your Pinterest board continues right up until your big day, it is a continuous work in progress.

Day three

The pre-wedding shoot is the next step and it’s an exciting one. I love the opportunity to capture the happy couple in the excitement of their big day looming, it helps me to build upon the relationship too so that we all get to know each other a little better and get used to working together. Not everyone enjoys having their photo taken and it can be a cause of concern for some, I like to put people at ease. This shoot gives me the chance to show you that being in front of my camera lens is something you can actually enjoy. 

Day four

An important part of the process is meeting at the venue. Every couple I meet with chose their venue for a unique reason and I like to understand exactly what that is. It helps when I am planning the shots to ensure I capture the magic of the place that drew you to it in the first place.  It also gives us the chance to plan where you want the family and group shots to take place, taking into account contingency plans for our unpredictable British weather. 

Day five

In order to create my own plan I need to know the details and logistics of the day including the order of events and timings. To do this we have a final meeting with just before the wedding. I also like to attend the rehearsal if you have one, it gives me the opportunity to introduce myself to the vicar and find out if there are any specific guidelines or traditions within the church I need to know. 

Day six

On the night before your wedding, as you prepare for the biggest day of your life, I can be found, cleaning, checking and formatting my equipment. I don’t just prepare my kit once, I get three kits ready to go so that if something went wrong with any of the technology, I know I am prepared with back-up (and back-up for the back-up).

Day seven’ - the big one

The wedding itself it what everyone sees, my day starts early as I always leave myself plenty of time. I start with capturing detail images of the bride as she gets ready and then I proceed to the wedding venue. Throughout the day I am meticulously working to capture the moments that matter, the moments that you see and those you don’t. I have to constantly be aware of the changing light and weather implications as well as liaising with the venue staff to ensure that your day runs smoothly and appears effortless to you and your guests. 

And so the day draws to a close and the dance floor empties, I spend my night backing up every single image captured in the day, initially on to hard drives but then onto the cloud. Before I go to bed, before your wedding day is even officially over, there will be at least three copies of your photographs.

Day eight and beyond

For the next two weeks my job will involve selecting the best of these images and editing each one by hand. So that you don’t have to wait long to see your anticipated pictures, I treat you with a little preview by putting the highlights into a short slide show.

When the final photos are ready for delivery, I package them by hand; all your photographs are loading onto a USB with a selected 6x4 image printed and a hand crafted heart. After this, I additionally print any album or print orders you require.

Not enough hours in the day

When booking a photographer for your big day, consider that you are not just hiring them for a few hours, the work required in preparation and after the event mount up to more than snapping a few pictures. The reality is that the day in a life of a wedding photographer is more than just a day. 

If you are looking for a high quality Gloucestershire photographer that creates beautiful images for you to treasure, then contact me here for more information and to set up a free non-obligation meeting; Let’s get started on day one! 


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