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A groom’s guide to wedding photography

My groom’s guide to wedding photography is full of dos and don’ts to make it enjoyable ensuring you get the best record of your day.

You have gone to a lot of trouble planning your day, thinking about what you will wear, all the little details that make your day unique so make time to create the ultimate keepsake from your day - a wonderful album full of fantastic photographs.



Capture this moment photography 0074Be sure to get any photographs that include guests out of the way first - hopefully everyone will still be close by and haven’t scattered around your venue. They can then enjoy drinks and canapés while you are whisked off for your session with the photographer. Ask the venue to put aside a few canapés for you to enjoy whilst with the photographer - I promise not to snap you eating.

Discuss with your photographer before your big day any group shots you would like, this makes sure no one is left out. You can add to this on the day with impromptu groups shots but its helps the photographer to plan their order making sure no-one is to-ing and fro-ing. It is also helpful to mention if anyone has any  special needs or if there are groups of children you want included. I tend to do these first before any spills and grass stains appear ;)

Smiling for all those photos can make your jaw a little sore. Relax your expression after every few photos to avoid face ache and unnatural smiles. 

Avoid direct sunlight - squinting is never good.

Don’t obsess over your photographs - trust your photographer and their experience.

Natural smiles are the best, let me make you laugh!



Capture this moment photography 0076Make sure you remove all items from your pockets before the photographer begins - keys, phone, wallet etc. No one wants to see unsightly bulges in their wedding photographs.

Find useful places for your hands to go so they don’t silly - in your pockets, holding hands, round your wife’s waist.











Capture this moment photography 0075Don’t forget….

Have the following items to hand while you’re having your photos taken:


  • tissues (just in case you get emotional or if you get something in your eye, or perhaps a bit too much lipstick!)
  • comb
  • Your best man or bridesmaid if you want someone to help hold things for you and your bride
  • a glass of champagne






 “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce” - Karl Lagerfield




Here at Capture This Moment in Gloucestershire, we believe groom's are just as important as the bride!  For a free consultation contact us today.







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