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Anita in bookshop

Anita Faulkner | Headshots

When I  received the following image in an email - I knew I wanted to work with  Anita!

email image from Anita

Anita, a writer,  blogger, author of funny stories understood the importance of including a headshot on her website however she was also looking both compliment her personality as well work with her branding. In her initial email Anita included an image of a pineapple on a bright, colourful background, which got me thinking of a location which would embrace Anita’s (and of course mine) love of colour, something that was quirky and that would give us a variety of different backgrounds close to each other. I soon remember The Brewery Quarter in Cheltenham - I had recently visited the area with Tom and Claire who had booked me to capture their wedding at the end of the year. In the brewery quarter is the Botanist Restaurant with it wonderful foliage wall, quirky and colourful, nearby was street art from the recent Cheltenham Street Art Festival and a fabulous second hand bookshop.

Anita loved the ideas and thankfully the weather worked in our favour ;)

First of all we enjoyed a cup of coffee and took a little bit of time getting to know each other before starting on the headshots. Within The Botanist I used a couple of areas, one in the main area using the wall of foliage and second a funky sofa in the ladies! The behind the scenes can be found over on my instagram! 

Why a pineapple? The pineapple has a loads of symbolism.

Pineapple symbolism


Head over to Anita's blog to found out more 

Next heading outside to use the street art we used the brightly coloured backdrops to create some alternative images for Anita. The bookshop was a fantastic backdrop and was perfect to capture Anita’s love of books. Within a small distance we were able to create a variety of headshots perfect for Anita’s new website, their suited her brand and her personality 

Headshot at The Botanist, Cheltenham

Anita in bookshop

headshot in bookshops

Street art as a backdrop for headshot

Anita with pineapple


If you are looking to update your headshots which show your personality and you brand, drop me an email.


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