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Archive: 04/12/2016

wedding flowers, Brize Norton

50mm Challenge by Isabella Norman

3 years ago

Imagine, seeing a couple exchanging heartfelt vows only a few feet in front of you, at a view only the vicar normally gets to see. I know, it sounds extraordinary. That’s because it is. On the 19th November, this was exactly what I got the chance to experience with Kathryn of Capture This Moment. This was a view which I have never seen from before, as this was my first time shooting at the front of a church as a wedding photographer. I was using a 50 mm lens (as part of a challenge set by Kathryn, which was to shoot a whole wedding with just a 50mm lens all day ), which due to its low aperture gave me the ability to blur out the rest of the congregation and just focus on the bride and groom. This was an effect which I think showcased exactly what did happen at the church: the bride and the groom had blurred out the rest of the congregation, to them it was just the two of them.

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