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Autumn Photoshoots for families

 Autumn Photoshoots are prefect for capturing some precious memories of you and your loved ones. 

Autumn photoshoot


The leaves are turning varying vibrant shades of sunset, your steps are accompanied by a crunch of leaves and cheeks are beginning to turn rosy at the chilly breeze’s touch: it’s autumn. One of my favourite times of year, especially for photographs. Autumn is the ideal time to have a family, individual or group photoshoot, or if you would rather be behind the camera to get out and shoot some portraits. 


Warm shades

The warm shades currently found outside act as the perfect backdrop for stunning portraits. In winter the background can be bleak and un-complementary against skin tones, creating cool bluish undertones. Whereas, the warm comforting colours of autumn make for a perfect backdrop and help to enhance beautiful warm undertones in skin. The weather, although not always loved at this time of year, is great for photographs, as the clouds act as diffusers, creating beautiful soft light. In summer, the light isn’t always flattering because it can be harsh and unflattering because of the absence of clouds. Well there’s supposed to be lack of clouds but apparently this year it seemed the weather didn’t quite get the memo.  

Autumn photoshoot - with children

Days are getting shorter, which means less light, a photographers nightmare… NO! Instead of having to wait till 9 o’clock to take photos in every photographers dream time, the golden hour, you only need to wait till 4-5 o’clock. This makes family photoshoots easier as they now don’t need to begin late at night to get the perfect light. The Golden hour, is the perfect time to take photos as it creates the most beautiful hazy soft light. 


What to wear?

Autumnal photoshoot are also easier to dress for, as the mild weather means you don’t need to wear layer upon layer like  in winter or minimal material like you might want to do in summer and have to worry about looking hot and sweaty. Also the complimenting surrounding colours means clothes with colours such as navy and red in them, which generally suit most people, can be chosen to be your base colour theme. Dressing for family and group photographs can be hard but in autumn the struggle becomes a little easier, as your clothes don’t need to fight for colour dominance against the background like they do in summer. 



family portrait sessions during autumn

I know for some it may be a dirty word at this time of year but…. Christmas, I know, I said it, is just round the corner and so whilst the weather and seasonal scenery is at its best it’s a good idea to get some photos ready for Christmas, as gifts, Christmas card fronts or just to have.  When the festivities begin time seems to disappear like magic so it’s best to get it done in advance.


Here in the Forest of Dean, we are spoilt with amazing backdrops especially as the autumn colours sweep through the forest creating wonderful locations for family portrait sessions, if you would to find out more please contact Kathryn

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