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Back to school photos

Back to School Photos - my tips to help you capture those memories.

The first day of school or indeed the start of a new academic year is a wonderful milestone to capture. Your child maybe starting school for the first time, another year older or maybe moving on to another school perhaps from preschool to primary or from  primary to secondary school. Facebook will be full of family and friends images of their children usually standing in front of  a door, this year why not capture the whole story.


Here are my tips to help you capture those moments:



Really is important to taking great photos. First of all turn off your flash, the flash on a phone is really harsh, ask your child to stand facing the window, make sure you have your back to it.

Another great place to take photos is in a doorway as the light is always  great and you can avoid shadows. Ask your child to stand in the doorway and stand outside shooting back into the doorway.



Even on many phone cameras you can select your aperture  - using an aperture of f/2.8 will allow you to capture your child in focus and the background story will be blurred.


Don’t say cheese!

Instead of getting a forced smile and unnatural pose,  ask your child questions about school and capture those expressions while they are answering. Natural expressions like this always show your child’s true character and are so much better than those forced smiles. 


Change your position

Don’t just stand in one position and take  your photos. A full length image to show your child's uniform, also include some close up images. Try shooting from below  and also from above.  Look for the details, their name on their school bag,  tying shoes laces or that walk to school.


There are so many milestones to capture during childhood, for more ideas check out this blog.


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Back to school with Capture this Moment Photography

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