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Capturing Your Little Monsters This Halloween

Halloween is increasingly becoming a big event in the UK family calendar; it seems to get bigger and bigger every year. After you and your monsters have put so much effort into looking the part, you want to make sure you capture the moment and take hair raising pictures to keep for eternity. The only problem is that Halloween by its very nature is dark, so how can you take decent pictures without light? In this post we will share with you 5 top tips to help you get some bloody good Halloween pictures this year.

Put your smart phone away 

We get it, your smart phone is easy to use and you always have it when a photo opportunity presents itself. But the reality is that it just isn’t good enough if you want to take decent pictures in the dark. 

Photography literally means ‘drawing with light,’ it requires light to create an image, when there isn’t enough the picture comes out fuzzy and grainy. So if you are going to try and do it in the dark you need to use equipment that is able to pick up on and use the tiniest light available. If you are really serious about capturing bloodcurdling images then put your smart phone away and pick up a proper camera. 

Look for Light 

When you are about to get your camera out have a quick scout for the best light source, you want to find the brightest. Ask your terrors to stand close to it so they can be better lit. Ideally you want the light to be shining on them so you can stand where the light source is and your vamps can look towards the light.  While trickle treating this could be a street lamp, security lights on a house or even the glow from a window

Fear the Flash 

It might be your instinct to turn on the flash but a sharp, bright light directly on your witches faces can make them wince and shut their eyes. The way the harsh light bounces off the face doesn’t make the image any clearer anyway. 

Try adding a flash diffuser or a reflector that you can either buy or make. The idea is that you spread the intense light so it appears more evenly on the image. 

Bury Autofocus 

Autofocus is a great tool but it relies on light and so can be unreliable in the dark, instead, you can manually focus the image. Before you turn it off though check to see if your camera has laser autofocus. This is the only exception as it uses infrared beams and therefore works in dimly lit environments.  

Colour Vs black and white 

Some say that black and white is the best option and others prefer colour. The truth is there should be no debate between the two. Instead the perfect strategy is to combine both. Shoot your image in colour but then print in black and white. The lines on the picture are crystal clear this way and the impact of these striking images is more powerful.

Fright Night isn’t Every Night 

Every Halloween your little ones get a little bigger, before you know it, dressing up with mum and dad won’t have the same appeal and they will want to be out with their friends instead (hopefully not playing too many tricks). Having two older monsters myself, I am so passionate about the value of photography for capturing those special moments that pass all too soon. 

So don’t get too distracted by the eyeball punch and remember to get your camera out, your children will never be this exact age on Halloween again. Sometimes though, you and your family deserve the professional touch. To find out more about my family photography, click here and don’t worry, your little monsters won’t scare me!  

 Halloween, trick or treat

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