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family photography tips | boys playing

22 things to do with your children

12 hours ago

Children's photography sessions, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

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Sisters on Autumn photoshoot - what to wear

5 tips to help you dress your children for a family photoshoot

7 months ago

Feeling comfortable is essential if you want to take the best photograph of your family, and that means choosing the perfect outfits for everyone to wear, especially the kids. Here, Steve Cochrane, Managing Director of Childrenswardrobe[https://www.childrenswardrobe.co.uk/], gives his advice to help you dress your child for a family photoshoot.

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Back to school photos

Back to School Photos - my tips to help you capture those memories.

9 months ago

The first day of school or indeed the start of a new academic year is a wonderful milestone to capture. Your child maybe starting school for the first time, another year older or maybe moving on to another school perhaps from preschool to primary or from primary to secondary school. Facebook will be full of family and friends images of their children usually standing in front of a door, this year why not capture the whole story.

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Capture this moment photography 132

Summer Holiday Events in Gloucestershire

10 months ago

The summer holidays are upon us but how can we keep our little darlings entertained? Between endless renditions of ‘I’m Hungry’ and the thousandth trip to the park, find out exactly what is going on in Gloucestershire throughout August 2019 so that you can find an event you will all enjoy!

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 Outside Venue for Your Family Photo Shoot  - May Hill

Why Should You Choose an Outside Venue for Your Family Photo Shoot

11 months ago

Studio photography will always have a place in the industry. Because it is a controlled environment it is protected from unpredictable elements such as the weather and sunlight, for some photographers this makes it a preferable option. However, for me I would much prefer to grab my camera and head to the great outdoors. So why should you head to an outside venue for your family photo shoot?

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outdoor photography session, Gloucestershire

Family fun - The perfect hot chocolate

16 months ago

As the nights draw in, the days become cooler, the forest comes alive with rich vibrant reds, oranges and browns. My favourite time of the year. The forest makes a stunning backdrop for walks and of course family portraits.

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Memories of 2018 by Capture this Moment Photography

Have you captured your 2018 memories?

17 months ago

Will You Forget 2018?

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Shop local this Christmas: gift ideas from the Forest of Dean

Christmas Gift Ideas from the Forest of Dean

18 months ago

Shop local this Christmas with these gift ideas from the Forest of Dean

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Does printed photography even matter anymore in a digital world?

2 years ago

Do you still desire printed memories from your Cotswold Wedding?

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family photography tips | brothers smiling

Family photography tips | how to get great photos of your children

2 years ago

How many times do you find yourself trying to take a photo of your children and well let’s be honest, not really achieving what you wanted? How do you get great photos of your children? Here are my family photography tips perfect for getting great photos of your children.

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girl running with bubbles

How to get the perfect shot of your children in action- Cotswold photoshoot

2 years ago

Anyone who has tried to snap the perfect picture of their children will know what a challenging task this is.

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family photos

Why are family photographs so important?

2 years ago

Family is such an important part of life! In fact, it may very well be the most important aspect within one’s life. From parents to grandparents and children to cousins, you most likely have many members who make up your family, why are family photographs so important?

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Bergen to Oslo, Norway

5 ways to get the perfect shot whilst travelling

3 years ago

If you’re a photographer preparing for a stint of travelling, it’s understandable if you’re wondering just how to make the most out of your camera during your trip. When there’s so much to do and see you may be stumped as to how to ensure you’re getting some perfect shots along the way. These 5 essential tips will help you do just that.

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Trick Photography

3 years ago

trick photography

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Church wedding at Clearwell, Gloucestershire

Chasing the Light – How to Capture the Perfect Lighting

3 years ago

natural light photography

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SBE 160

Autumn Photoshoots for families

3 years ago

Autumn Photoshoots are prefect for capturing some precious memories of you and your loved ones.

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day at the beach

Holiday photography

3 years ago

Family photography, Gloucestershire

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