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Gloucestershire School Photography Yearbook Project


One of my favourite projects as part of my photography services offered in schools based in Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties, is the yearbook project.

Towards the end of May and into June primary school for Gloucestershire’s year 6 has a different feel and emphasis. SATs have been completed, the pressure has been lifted and its a time to plan for the future and to reflect on their time in primary school. Many of the children are excited, some nervous about their forthcoming progression into secondary school, I really enjoy working in schools during this time especially with this cohort of children. 

Working in groups, individually and as a year group in a variety tasks including literacy and art based tasks, a custom designed yearbook is created as a lasting record of the child’s time at that primary school.


Each child is asked to complete a profile, providing answers to questions, some probing into their aspirations and dreams for their future, others reflecting on their time in school. We look at friendships and why they are important. The children are encouraged to think about the title of their book, the questions to ask teachers, their favourites parts of the school and what they will miss. In groups they  design the cover including colours and the layouts these are included as much as possible is included in the final book. Their photographs are taken by a professional photographer in a contemporary style, friendship groups are also captured. These are used throughout the book.

Pupil profile, Yearbook, Gloucestershire 

We also look at the culture influences of the time, favourite authors, books, pop music and you tubers. Trips, visits, residential trips are all remembered and images from archives are included into the book to create a record of their journey so far. With a couple of digital cameras the children record favourite places in school and what they will miss along with anecdotes. The children can practise interview skills and how to record information accurately.

 Popular culture, Yearbook Gloucestershire

Following the workshop in school

All the information is collated,  the images edited, artwork scanned and complied into a custom design book incorporating the children’s design ideas, most importantly the integrity of the children’s work is maintained as much as possible, space is included for children to collect messages of good luck from their peers, younger students and staff.


The project allows year 6 children to reflect on their time at their primary school, show their appreciation of staff, share their memories and stories as they  look forward to their future.


If you would like to know more about the yearbook project please contact me.

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