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Bride and Groom at Clearwell Castle, Gloucestershire

Clearwell Castle Wedding Venue, Amanda and Giuliano's perfect day

Amanda and Giuliano’s wedding was sophisticated, elegant and beautiful. Amanda looked stunning in her dress and Giuliano, and his best men, looked very dapper in their tuxedos. The venue, Clearwell castle in the Forest of Dean, was stunning, especially midst the glorious weather and blossoming grounds, which were perfect for the bride and grooms intimate photographs.

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With such photogenic people and venue we could have gone on taking photos for hours on end; however, we were only required for a short amount of time. Usually we document the process of a bride, and sometimes the groom, getting ready and move with the couple throughout the day from the ceremony-to-first dance but Amanda and Giuliano decided against this. The worry for most bride and grooms is what if some moments go un-captured. As an obvious lover of photographs, this worry I truly understand but sometimes Brides and Grooms can feel so conscious of their photographs, that they can be distracted from the day itself. This wasn’t the case for Amanda and Giuliano, who in my opinion struck the balance between beautiful photographs of their ‘day to remember’ and making their wedding day a ‘day to remember’.


Our day began, not with the normal photographing of shoes and bouquet but with the ceremony itself. Amanda gracefully made her way down the aisle and Kathryn at the front of the ceremony room was able to capture Giuliano’s reaction to his beautiful wife to be. Giuliano wasn’t alone in his emotions, with many of the guests dabbing at their eyes or wishing they had applied waterproof mascara.  As the service concluded, the very joyful couple and their guests made their way to the front of the castle for the group photos. No guest was left un-photographed and all of the requested shoots were taken but in no time at all these were captured, leaving time for the bride and groom to mingle with their guests and eat some of their delicious canapes, something most, unusually, don’t get to do. 


The bride and groom had quite a lengthy amount of time for photos of just the two of them. This meant we were able to walk leisurely around the grounds stopping now and then to take some photographs. Kathryn had previously meet the bride and Groom at the venue, which meant she knew they were happy to do this type of ‘strolling’ photo-shoot and the places where they wanted their photos to be taken, such as the stunning lake, which allowed for some photographs that looked like they were straight out of a fairy tale. This extended amount of time meant that Kathryn and I were given the luxury of an editorial style wedding photo-shoot, the type you may see in a wedding magazine, which was rather a lot of fun to do… maybe a bit too much fun. 


Although our day was short, Amanda and Giuliano will not be short of photographs. Possibly we didn’t get the chance to bond with the guests quite like we normally would, but a connection was still developed.  The cheeky characters were identified, and kept an eye on like usual, the friends and family were spotted. The Bride and Grooms photographs, even if taken over a short amount of time, still capture the special relationship between them, and their family and friends that shared their day with them. I am sure what was left of their day was equally as romantic and elegant, but I am even more convinced that Amanda and Giuliano enjoyed their day, just as they should do!

Bride and Groom in front of Clearwell Castle, GloucestershireBride and Groom at Clearwell Castle, GloucestershireBride and Groom stroll in the gardens at Clearwell Castle, GloucestershireBride and Groom pause for a moment Clearwell Castle Wedding, GloucestershireBride and Groom in front of the lake at Clearwell Castle, GloucestershireBride and Groom amongst the gardens at Clearwell Castle, GloucestershireBride and Groom at Clearwell Castle Wedding Venue, GloucestershireBride and Groom in the woods at Clearwell Castle, GloucestershireBride and Groom, Clearwell Castle Wedding Venue, GloucestershireWedding couple at Clearwell Castle Wedding Venue, GloucestershireBride and Groom, driveway at Clearwell Castle, GloucestershireBride and Groom at Clearwell Castle Wedding Venue, Gloucestershire 


Clear well Castle wedding venue. If you would like me to capture your day here or at another venue, please contact me for more information.

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