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Do we still need a professional photographer when we all have a smartphone?

Spring is finally here. The sun is starting to shine a little longer each day and the forest is carpeted with bluebells, enticing us all outside for some well-earned family time.

When I log into Facebook my newsfeed at the moment, it is bursting with my friends' lovely snaps of their children. It's great to see so many people out and about enjoying the warmer weather.

Since we all have smartphones with pretty sophisticated cameras these days, it is certainly possible to take some great shots simply with your phone. With this mind I asked the question do we still need a professional photography?


In the age of the iPhone, do you need a professional photographer?

Playing devils advocate for a minute, why would you want to book a professional photographer, like me?

When you can potentially capture great outdoor portraits on your phone, is the investment into a pro photographer worth the money?

Is it really worth spending hundred pounds on professional portraits when you can take your own for free?

So, with this in mind, last week I did a bit of an experiment.

Comparing the iPhone with a professional camera

When I was out in the bluebell woods myself, photographing the lovely Millie , I grabbed my phone (a brand new iphone SE)  and grabbed a couple of shots of Millie.

Now my iPhone is great. Being the latest model, it has an excellent quality integrated camera. So, I was actually amazed at how bad the shots turned out.

I expected vibrant bluebells, with Millie looking amazing in the foreground.

But this is the shot from my iPhone. You can see for yourself, it isn't very impressive.

iphone image of girl in bluebell woods, Forest of Dean


In fact, it's hard to see Millie at all!

The background is way too clear and messy, the colours are flat.

I was pretty disappointed with the iPhone's performance to be honest. 



Why you need a professional photographer

In contrast to the poor quality iPhone picture, this is the portrait I captured on my professional camera.

Girl in bluebell woods, Forest of Dean


I took this photo in exactly the same spot. So I was in the same location at the same time, working with the exact same lighting conditions.

I use a professional quality Canon camera and, an essential piece of my kit for this kind of shot, a really long lens.

The advantage of a long lens over the iPhone is that it it allows me to do a tighter crop of the subject, it also does an amazing job of blurring out that messy background and bringing Millie to the forefront of the photo, since I am in control of the aperture of the lens. 

The result is a carpet of gorgeous bluebells (deliberately, not all in focus), the child in sharp focus (drawing your eye immediately to her) and the gorgeous golden light falling on her skin. 

Wow! Isn't this a major improvement to the iPhone snap! 

Amateur vs. pro photography

You could be forgiven for thinking that these two pictures weren't taken on the same day, let alone the same time. There is such a huge difference between the two images. 

Heres a few more of Millie twirling amongst the bluebells.

girl twirling in bluebell woods, Forest of Dean


girl twirling in bluebell woods, Forest of Dean 



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