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Kathryn Goddard Capture this Moment Photography

Do you need a headshot?

To answer this question I am going to share with you my own relationship with headshots and being the face behind the brand.

I started my business over 11 years ago and for the majority of that time I didn’t have an about me page let alone a headshot!



When I first set up, I was still at night school studying for my City and Guilds in Photography.
I was embarrassed about starting a photography business.

I didn’t want my fellow classmates to know.

I didn’t want them to see what I was up to.

I didn’t want to appear to be above myself!

You get the idea.


I avoided using my name, naming my business Capture this Moment (I didn’t even include the photography bit for a long time) That name has stuck with my business.


How was anyone suppose to know what I offered?


This desire to remain anonymous continued until I rebranded 5 years ago. I finally agreed to add my name to my logo. Slowly I was starting to own my business.

An about me page was still missing, this would take another couple of years to add to my website - who wants/needs to know about me?!

Despite working with local businesses taking their headshots. capturing their brand, while they were working etc, I still didn’t have a headshot of me.

I had a few images of me working captured by fellow photographers when we second shot for each other but that was it. Most of these were deleted.



My first headshot

Just over two years ago I attended a retreat for photographers run by Vikki Knights, part of the package included a headshot session for everyone who attended. Attending the retreat was an investment into my business in both time and money and I decided I would take everything on offer to get the most out of my investment. (to this day I am still reading through my notes and learning - a worthwhile investment)

This included having my headshots taken. I was nervous. What if I hated the end result. Did I pick the right outfit? Will my hair be ok? What do I do with my hands? All these worries and probably many more kept me awake at night.

I need not of worried, Vikki put me at ease. I smiled and giggled my way through the session. The end results I loved.

Headshots of Kathryn Goddard by Vikki Knights


Now to use them!


During this time I also had a lightbulb moment - people will actually get to meet me! Strange I know.


When they book Capture this Moment Photography, it is me who will photograph their family, their brand or their wedding. This realisation made me start to OWN my business.


I started to use my headshot everywhere - I mean everywhere! My website, profile pics, business cards, marketing material, social media posts.


My about me page had a little update and slowly I was starting to see the benefits of having one - one couple booked with me because I mention musicals, another a shared love of gin and travel.


By having this information out in the world meant I started to attract more clients and ones I could connect with.


People do business with people!


Recently, I attended another retreat hosted by Vikki, the draw this time a mini branding session! I loved planning for this session, I knew I was in safe hands. The ends results images I love and that represent me and my brand.

Branding images for Capture this Moment Photography by Vikki Knights


Kathryn Goddard of Capture this Moment Photography


Branding Images Kathryn Goddard


Branding images for Kathryn Goddard


It is time to show up and be the face of your brand. 


Head over to Your Brand to check out how I can help you with headshots and branding photos.


Together we can capture your rand, share your brand and grow your brand.




PS. My about me page has had a makeover too, thanks to Anita at Glittering Copy for all her help and support in using my voice! and all the images on Anita's website were taken by me! 

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