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Dos and Don'ts for your headshot

As we are Headshot by Capture this Moment Photography


1. Look approachable

Your picture should be professional, and not like a Tinder profile picture! However, professional doesn’t mean serious. Try to look genuine, and not super serious and intense, which sometimes makes people look angry!


2. Your face should occupy 60% of the space

it is important that your face occupies 60% of the space. Don’t choose a picture taken far away on a mountain top! Show them your professional potential with a cracking smile!


3. Use an up-to-date photo

We’ve all seen those photos on social media that were taken decades back and then seen them in person only to find out they look completely different!

Make sure your photo was taken in the past few years and reflects how you look on a daily basis (glasses, make-up, hair, etc.)


4. Choose the right expression

A smiling person is more likely to attract someone’s attention than a cold looking person. The same goes for a photo.

People will be more easily seduced by a photo of someone radiating warmth and a happy aura, than a stern, serious-looking person.

It’s important to appear warm and friendly, so remember to smile with your eyes! You don’t have to grin like the Cheshire Cat if that feels unnatural, but also, don’t look too serious!

Taking the perfect headshot is a difficult task and this seems like a fine balance to strike, but don’t worry, a good photographer will guide you through the process.

The photographer will try to make you smile or even laugh so that your smile is natural and candid.


5. Wear your usual clothing

Whether you’re CEO of a big company or an employee in a startup, you should wear clothes that you would wear in your workplace.

Think of what you wear to work, as well as what best reflects your business and its values.

Be careful, however, as fine lines and patterns can sometimes "go wrong" in photos.

Depending on in which sector you work, you might favour a black and white headshot. Take this into account when you get dressed in the morning and if you have doubt, we recommend taking a few pictures of yourself in the mirror at home, so that you can change your chosen attire doesn’t come out well on camera.


6. Take the photo straight on

Of course, the photographer should know what they are doing: The camera should be at eye level, not too high and not too low of an angle.

In terms of what you can do… It’s important to look directly into the camera lens and try to relax as the photographer snaps.

A tip for very tall people, who are so often photographer from too low an angle (giving them a double chin), widen the space between your legs as much as possible, this will make you appear shorter (this is the easier alternative to squatting and will not make your face look strained either!)

In terms of posture, you should stand up straight and remember not to be too casual, nor too serious. You want to appear professional, but also show that you are human and friendly underneath your professional exterior.

Feel free to tell the photographer which is your “better side” or if you have a feature you don’t want to be seen in your headshot, or if, for example, you don’t like your teeth, the photographer will make you smile with your mouth closed.

Your headshot  is a part of your "professional branding", so it's important that you like the photo.

 Kim O'Rourke Headshot by Capture this Moment Photography 



1. Don’t use selfies




2. Don’t use filters

Avoid filters at all costs. They detract from your picture, making it harder for employers to find out who you are.


3. Don’t crop a group picture

A cropped photo of you at a party is not professional, it shows a lack of commitment, instead you should be showing the best, professional version of yourself. 


4. Don’t have a distracting background

Keep the background simple, so that the  focus is on your face. The background is extremely important, as a bad background can completely change someone’s opinion and even distract from the subject.


5. Don’t incorporate hobbies into your photo

Future employers may be impressed by your hobbies and interests, these can be included in your about me page or in a specific area dedicated to this on your profile. 

Anita Faulkner Headshot by Capture this Moment Photography


Investing in a professional headshot is your chance to stand out from the crowd. That little square allows you to show them your friendly, engaged and hard-working personality and  will help you build your personal brand and make you stand out from the crowd! 


Would you like to stand out from the crowd?  Drop me a message and we can get you booked in.


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