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Family Photography - Mother's Day Ideas

A mother's love

Family Photography - Mother's Day ideas.

A bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates… you know the drill, all the usual presents. Mugs that say the ‘world’s greatest mum’ on them, which go out of the shops to 1000s of the worlds ‘greatest’ mums, ridiculously expensive half dead flowers, fridge magnets with some sort of emotional drivel, wrote by someone trying to make money, not trying to express their true gratitude and why? Why do we think this is acceptable to offer this sort of stereotypical present? This is the one time of the year many of us take the time out to value our mothers, so why don’t you make it special. Family photography helps to create gifts which are unique and timeless.

Mother’s day is on the 26th March and for those of us who haven’t gotten our mothers a present yet, there is still chance, still a chance to give them something special instead of the impersonalised cliché products, we have all at some point been guilty of giving, to those who deserve so much more. A great original gift that you can give to your mother this year, is a photo gift, as it is unique and shows that you have actually put throughout into their present.

There are hundreds of different types of photo gifts that you can make. Some photo gift ideas are below and they’re organised by age bracket to so that the gifts are to the correct level of technicality for each age group.

Photo gifts for younger children to make.

  • Decorate a frame- all that is needed is a frame, craft materials: paint, glitter, stickers etc. and a picture to go inside. This photo gift idea, allows children to personalise their gift to their parent, so they could paint it their favourite colour.
  • Pictures of all the things you love about your mother- this gift may require some help from an adult. This gift requires the child to describe all the things they love about their mother. These things could range from, her cooking to or her cuddles. Photos of all these things then simply have to be collected together and presented in a photo album. These can be made the old fashioned way by printing photos or sticking them in or by creating a digital photo album which can then be printed professionally. 
  • A photo shoot- A photo shoot is a great way for the child and their mother to bond and have fun together, whilst they make some beautiful memories in the form of photographs. ‘Capture this moment’ offer great family photoshoots, which can be tailored to you and so the photos can be taken in a place, which is significant to you. It is nearly Mother’s day and so it may seem as though you do not have time now to arrange for these photos to be taken but an option is to book the photoshoot for after mother’s day or to buy a voucher, which can be redeemed later on. 
  • Photo card- make a card that includes a photo on it, which can be done through sites such as MoonPig and Snapfish.

Photo gifts for older children and teenagers to make. 

  • Photo collage- this requires the child to gather new or old photographs of their parents and make a collage with them using either PVA glue or Modpodge. This can then be framed and is a great way to collect lots of memories into one physical piece. Another option of how to make a photo collage is to make it online, which gives the gift a more polished appearance.
  • A photo shoot- this gift idea can be used by older children as well. Kathryn at ‘Capture this moment’ I know would suit the photoshoot to one for an older child and mother, which would allow this gift to be used in another more versatile way.
  • Photo cube- a phot cube is a simple but lovely present. All that is required is a wooden cube, photos and PVA glue or ModPodge. Simple cut the pictures to the same size as the cubes faces and glue them on.

Photo gift for adults to make

  • Photo album- often old photographs can become forgot or not well used. A photo album is a great way to collect these photos together and it is also a very thoughtful present as it takes up a lot of time to make. 
  • A photoshoot- once again a photoshoot is a great present. These as previously mentioned can be altered dependent on age. 
  • Create photo candles. All that is needed for this is white tissue paper, scissors .Firstly you attach tissue paper to printer paper. Line the edges of a sheet of printer paper with glue, then press a sheet of tissue paper directly on top and let dry. Then print and cut the photo out and place it in the desired position on your candle. Then wrap wax paper around the candle and heat the whole candle with a hairdryer for several minutes. Then remove the paper and the picture should have transferred.

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