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Gloucestershire Family photography sessions - why You need to be in photos?

It doesn’t matter how beautiful they are: most women are self-conscious about booking a family photography session. This is particularly true for new mums (and not so new mums) No need to list what part of our bodies we might not feel comfortable with, it’s different for each one of us but I know you probably shy away from the camera whenever it’s pointed at you. I know I do.

Family photography sessions capture our emotions, our relationships and how these relationships change over a period of time.

Accepting  who you are - the best possible you at that moment and get into photos with your children, for your children if not for you.

Family photography sessions in Gloucestershire


1. If you don’t do it for you, do it for them

Imagine your child in 10 years time looking through a family album and not finding any photos of you in it. Now, picture your child looking at a photo of you looking at him/her with a smile on your face and love in your eyes. Which situation do you think will make them feel loved and as part of a family?


2. You don’t have anything to loose

It’s a bit like trying a dress in a shop. Getting a picture taken with you in it doesn’t mean you have to print it on a big canvas, hang it in your living room and look at it every day. Chances are you will actually treasure a portrait showing you holding your tiny baby or playing with your child, but if it’s not the case, don’t buy it / print it.

 Cousins hugging during Gloucestershire Family Photography session

3. Angles are a powerful way to shift the focus

My job as a professional photographer is to use different angles and crops so that you end up loving a photo with you in it. I want you to fall in love with a portrait capturing your relationship with your baby or child, even if we can’t see your whole body in it. It could be a photo of your baby grasping your finger.


4. You don’t need to pose and smile, just be yourself!

Being photographed doesn’t have to be a chore: you can play, giggle, take a walk, bake a cake… Think of it as quality time with your family, enjoy the moment and let a photographer capture those moments for you. Whether it is a professional photographer or your husband taking the photos you can be photographed doing daily activities with your children: feeding, playing, reading a book, etc.

 Laughing with Mum | Family photography sessions in Gloucestershire

5. Children love to see pictures of their parents

Reason 1 said that if you didn’t do it for you, you could do it for your children and show them how loved they were. But this is different: our children will love to look at those photos in years to come and will be amazed at how young we looked, what clothes we wore and what activities we used to do with them.


6. It will send you back in time

Looking at pictures of your children on their own will make you smile and make you proud. Looking at photos of you with your children will bring back the emotions you felt at that particular time of their life and who would not want a time machine?

 Hug with Mum and Dad|Gloucestershire Family Photography session

7. Capture the family unit

It doesn’t have to be a posed shot of everybody smiling at the camera (it can!) but it is an important photo to have, printed & framed, on the mantle piece. There are many benefits to family photographs - check out my blog on the importance of family photographs.

 Grandparents with their grandchildren during family family photography session

8. You probably look better now than you will in the next 20 years

Ok, this one is a bit of joke, but it’s just to say: who knows what tomorrow is made of? If you keep waiting for this or that to change before you get in front of the camera, you never will. So just do it and in 20 years time you’ll look at the images and think “What did I worry about?”.

Walking on beach during family photography session


So please… Whether it’s with me, an other professional photographer or your mother, get in front of the camera and enjoy it! Your children will never look at them saying “I wish you waited until you lost a bit more weight” and you might be surprised and actually love and cherish those images years from now.


Last tip? Get them printed!! Technology is not always reliable, and those memories are not replaceable. So always backup your photos AND print your favourites so you actually get to look at them.


Let's capture the love, the joy and the happiness of your family - book your session now. 


Brotherly love| Family photography sessions in Gloucestershire


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