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The details of Your Brand|Branding Photography Session

Get the Most Out of Your Branding Photography Session

Your brand and your business is as unique as you are and when you invest in professional branding  photography session you want to make sure that they reflect your personality, your message and your individuality. In this post we will explore how to get the most out of your photo shoot so that they can be an asset for your business growth.


Looking your best on the day

The following tips are valid for photo shoots in general but certainly worth a mention here to ensure you present the most thriving version of yourself.


  • Make sure you are hydrated

  • Sleep well

  • Check in with your eyebrows and/nose hairs/chest hairs before the shoot

  • Don’t start using a new face products the day before to avoid allergic reactions, keep your skin care routine simple

  • Have 2 or 3 different outfits ready that are comfortable and look good (if you are not comfortable it will show in the final images).

  • Still on clothes - avoid big patterns or lines and stripes

  • Pick clothes that fit you well

  • Ensure your clothes are neat, tidy and ironed

  • If you are wearing jewellery keep it simple

  • If you are wearing make up wear translucent powder to hide blemishes from the camera

  • Avoid make up products which overkill on glitter or shimmer

  • Don’t get a new haircut just before the shoot incase it doesn’t go to plan

Natural headshootd from Your Branding Session


Making your pictures unique

Marketing images should make a connection with your ideal clients, they say a picture paints a thousand words and this is your perfect opportunity to speak up! Here are my tips for bringing the bespoke into your business photos.


  • Arrange your shoot at your place of work - you will be more natural and it will show your authentic environment which your ideal clients will appreciate.

  • Consider what you do on a daily basis; are you on the phone, using your computer, on social media, writing reports, meeting customers, serving food… getting pictures of you in action is a powerful way to demonstrate your business

  • As with all marketing decisions, you should always stay focused on your ideal client. Who are they? What are their challenges? How can you use your photo shoot to show you relate, for example if you work with parents you might want to consider using your own children in the shoot to show that you understand the position they are in.

  • Think about other interesting venues that would provide you with the ambiance that is in alignment with your business. Maybe a sweet little cafe, a forest shoot or even at the park with your kids…as mentioned above your goal is to connect with your ideal client so consider a place that they will recognise and associate their own life with.

  • Consider your message, does you help others make money or save money? Do you help other businesses grow? Do you help people work from home? Do you create bespoke gifts for your customers? Your message is what you want to communicate with people so how can you illustrate this in the pictures. What other props could you bring into the session to help you do this?


Whilst at work|Your Branding Photography Session 

Here at Capture this Moment we can help you plan and facilitate a business photo shoot that accurately represents you and connect with the people you want to serve. For a free consultation book here.

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