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studio photography sessions in Forest of Dean

Pippi Longstocking in the studio

World book day, a celebration of books, reading and the joy that they bring. My daughter, like me loves to read. She enjoys many authors, rereads her favourites and enjoys visits to the book shop. One of her all time favourite books is Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren, a wonderful story of a girl, her monkey and horse and their many adventures. We have various copies of this book in the house but our favourite copy is a first edition illustrated by Lauren Child (we are big fans of Lauren's work!). Her illustrations really bring to life the wonderful adventures of Pippi and inspired a very special photo shoot a few years ago. It seems approriate to share these with you today on World Book Day.


inspiration for portrati session

The above illustrations by Lauren are the inspiration behind the following images.


Pippi portrait


Introducing Pippi


Pippi with Mr Nilsson


baking ginger snaps on the floor


pippi has coffe with the ladies


pippi has coffee with the ladies


Pirate pippi

pirate pippi




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