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Memories of 2018 by Capture this Moment Photography

Have you captured your 2018 memories?

Will You Forget 2018?

It only seems like yesterday we were ringing in the new year and preparing for 2018 and now we face another midnight, another chance to sing old lang syne and another year to look forward to. But as 2019 approaches, it’s time to ask, have you captured your 2018 memories or will most of them simply be forgotten with time? Life is so short, its uncomfortable to think about forgetting big chunks of life so in this post we will be exploring how you can hold onto more memories in 2019.


Why adulting makes you forget?

Ever noticed that each new year goes faster than the year before? There is a physiological reason for this; the more we operate on autopilot and repeat the same actions daily, the easier our brain can file these memories away. In other words, the quicker we forget. Time might seem to be moving at a greater speed  but instead, we’re just filling our lives with the mindless tasks required of us when we're 'adulting.’


Despite a life that seems to be full of laundry, emails and washing up, there are moments on magic in the every day. The problem is they can become buried, pass by unnoticed and filed with the forgettable.


Holding the memory

The brain bods tell us that if we want to hold a memory then we need to train our brain to remember what's important. When we pay attention and hold on to a moment for 10 seconds or more, we transfer it into the long-term memory banks. Consider this the next time you focus your mind on something bad that has happened. Choosing to hold on to those special moments allows you to create a bank full of memories you don't want to forget.


Take care of your storage

Your brain acts as the storage unit for your memories. It, therefore, makes sense to treat it well. To give your brain the opportunity to perform effectively then it requires basic self-care from you.


  • Sleep - many of the processes are performed by your brain during sleep including the consolidation of memories.

  • Diet - eating well helps your brain to function, foods that are high in antioxidants, particularly berries, are especially effective.

  • Meditation- when we meditate we train the brain to be still. By giving your mind time and space, it can sort through your memories and calmly file the important ones in the right place. Additionally, the process of meditation helps you to concentrate and focus better, improving overall function and data recall.


Time can be captured

Although time might be flying by, you can still capture the moment you are in right now with photography. The ability to physically hold a memory, to take it out of time and space so it can be treasured for years to come is certainly magic. It’s what inspired me to want to become a photographer and create this magic for other people. If you want to make sure that 2019 is unforgettable then connect with me for a free consultation today and let me give you back your memories.

2018 memories captured by Capture this Moment Photography

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