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Recently I had the pleasure of working with Heart of the Cotswolds - independent celebrants, I was intrigued to discover how they work differently to vicars, priests and registrars. Gillian from Heart of the Cotswolds was kind enough to explain their role and how they can help make your day truly special.

Heart of the Cotswolds provide ‘independent celebrants’ who can help you plan, rehearse and will conduct your wedding ceremony for you.  We are slightly different from vicars, priests and local authority registrars because we’re not bound by any religious or legal constraints. Your ceremony can be whatever you would like it to be, with absolutely no restrictions on what you can include.  Anything goes with freedom to choose venues, music, readings and vows that would make your special day truly special.

Of course, you’ll still need to register your marriage to make it legal, but it’s simple to do and we can help with that.

The message we keep hearing is that couples who use an independent celebrant do so not only because of the freedom to choose and the personal touch – after all, you’ll really know us by the time the big day comes around – but the relief of getting the legal bit out of the way. By taking the pressure off, you can really relax and enjoy a stress-free day with all your family and friends.

Did you know, for a ceremony with the Registration Service you would

  • Be able to have anything with religious links such as candles lit or have ‘Ave Maria’, ‘Amazing Grace’ or ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams playing
  • Have your photographer capturing each moment of the ceremony or
  • Be able to meet the person who will conduct your ceremony until your wedding day

 Our service can also help deliver a more affordable wedding day as we will come to you at any venue you choose.  Many wedding venues are not licensed for use by the Registration Service and some that are can be more expensive to book.  We can provide our service at licensed venues, village halls, beautiful natural settings or even your back garden!

Our motto is, ‘The ceremony you want, where and when you want it.’ And we love what we do.... there is no job like it. Who doesn’t love going to a wedding?!

Heart of the Cotswolds - Guest Blog






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