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girl running with bubbles

How to get the perfect shot of your children in action- Cotswold photoshoot

Anyone who has tried to snap the perfect picture of their children will know what a challenging task this is.

They just never sit still for long enough and when they do they are desperate to get moving again and back to their game. But there is another reason to try and capture an action shot of your kiddies; there is simply something beautiful about capturing real life and real life doesn’t pause, real life isn’t set up or staged.  Real life for children is on the move. I have learnt from my many years as a Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer that children can enjoy taking part in a photoshoot if the atmosphere is relaxed and they are encouraged to enjoy themselves. We are lucky enough to have many great locations in the Cotswolds and surrounding locations to choosing the ideal location for take some great photos from is easy!

 A photoshoot of a child playing with bubbles in the forest of dean

Knowing you want to catch great action shots and actually doing it is two different things. In this post we will share 3 top tips that will help you get the perfect picture of your child on the move. This advice is tailored for those with cameras  not phones, (not that there's anything wrong with these but if you want to really catch awesome, focused and clear pictures of children who won’t sit still then you need a camera that you can adjust to your environment).


Increase your shutter speed

A picture is a moment frozen in time but to do this with moving objects (or kids) you need to have a high shutter speed. Your average phone camera won’t hack it I’m afraid. The minimum is should be is 1/200 but remember the higher you set it the sharper the pictures will be.


Let in the light

The aperture can be adjusted so that you allow more light to reach the image sensor by increasing or decreasing the size of the lens. When you are taking pictures of children playing they become moving objects and if the aperture is set up wrong for the activity they will appear fuzzy. Aim for an aperture of 5.6 or lower. If you want to practice your photography skills then you can work on increasing this number and taking shots that allow your action child to stand out and the background appear less prominent. This takes practice but if you persevere this is something you can work on.


You can of course set your camera off manual mode and try shutter priority mode to practice. This will allow you to simply set your shutter speed and let the camera do the rest. You can take it back to manual again when you feel more confident.


Take the shot(s)

It’s not always the best idea for budding photographers to put their camera in continuous shooting mode, it is easy to just snap away and hope one picture out of a hundred is perfect. This strategy doesn’t help to develop photography skills. Action shots however are the perfect permissible situation for this function. When your children are on the move, if the rest of your settings are right, not only will you get the perfect shot but you will get a series of images that show the action taking place and complement each other beautifully. You can literally create the moving images of film but hang them on  the wall!


Capture This Moment

Here at Capture This Moment we specialise in taking natural and fun pictures of children and we allow them to move, play, run, jump and feel comfortable so that the images reflect this. The perfect picture isn’t created by managed stage direction, it is a moment in time to be treasured and held on to. For more information or to book your appointment, click here.  

girl running with bubbles, Forest of Dean 

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