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Take amazing photos on your phone

How to take amazing photos with your phone

Taking photos has never easier or more accessible. Most of us have the means to take photos 24/7. Our smart phones all have amazing technology which allow us to capture our every day moments, treasures we come across while we are out and about. With a few simple tips you can take amazing photos with your phone.

taking amazing photos on your phoner  


Light is the absolute key to photography. Without good light it is hard to take a nice photo. The same applies to smart phone photography. The direction of light and how harsh it is, plays a big part in the final image.

When taking a photo, always make sure your subjects face is well lit. If the rooms in your house are fairly dark, try and get as close to the window as you can.



Try different angles. If you have found a room with good light or taking photos, play around. A lot of the time we pick our phone up and are guilty of just snapping away. Looking straight on to the subject, with the phone held in an upright position.

Try to photograph for above or below. Or simply turning the phone landscape can also give you some interesting images.


Camera settings

Camera setting vary depending on the smartphone manufacturer. However, these are things that can be done on every phone:

  • Turn on your grid - to help make sure you are taking your photos straight. Play around with where on the grid you'd like to place your subject.
  • Focus point - always use this to make sure your phone knows where/what you want in focus. You can change this by tapping on your screen.
  • Keep HDR turned on - this helps to balance the highlights and the shadows, creating an image that resembles more of what our human eye sees.
  • Stay away from camera flash - unless it is unavoidable, it tends to make the image worse. When used, you will find that you might have over lit skin, unwanted red eye and a flat look to your image.
  • Avoid zoom - when using a smartphone zoom, it doesn't zoom in, it actually crops your images. Resulting in poor quality photo. It is better to zoom with your feet.

amazing photos on your phone



There are various apps you can download onto your phone for free or at a small cost. My favourites are Snapseed and Lightroom Mobile.

Lightroom Mobile is fantastic but can take a little while to get used to. Use it to adjust light - exposure, contrast and highlights. You want to try to be consistent in your editing especially if you are using these images for business purposes.

Snapseed is great too, you can choose from a selection of presets or you can edit your photo manually. 


I hope this has been helpful and you can create some gorgeous images.


I would love to see what you have captured.


Best wishes


Kathryn x

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