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Buttonholes, Eastington Park, Gloucestershire

Wedding photography - Kim and Dave's colourful wedding at Eastington Park

My first wedding by Isabella Norman

One email, an interview, an hour long journey from the Forest of Dean and I’m walking across the exquisite grounds of Eastington Park in Gloucestershire as part of  the ‘Capture This Moment Photography’ team. My heart is pounding with both nerves and excitement and my arms are beginning to ache from the pile of photography equipment I’m carrying, as Kathryn and I approach the entrance and I officially start my very first day as a wedding photographer’s assistant. This is how I felt the morning of Kim and Dave’s wedding. At first I was scared but throughout the day the fear drifted away and instead I was left with an anticipation to do more. 


Once we had greeted the bride and groom Kathryn and I started taking photos of the brides’ dress, bouquet, shoes, jewellery and all the bridesmaids’ dresses and shoes. This was a great opportunity to experiment and get creative, in the designing of the layout of all these object and how to take the photos but it also allowed me to get use to the camera, which Kathryn had given me: a much heavier Canon 5D, which was just a little bit different to my usual 100D to say the least. I had a lot of fun experimenting with aperture and colour as the bride and groom had chosen a rainbow colour theme. This gave us lots of opportunities to experiment, especially when it came to taking photos of the brides’ dress and the bridesmaid’s dresses together, as the vibrant colours of the bridesmaids’ dresses really made Kim’s dress standout. 

Bridal Details 

Whilst the bridal party was having their hair and makeup done, I went and did some work with Paul, the second photographer who was working with Kathryn and who was photographing the groom and groomsmen. I had never met Paul before but I found him really easy to work with and he was helpful in calming my nerves. Whilst working with Paul I experienced a very different style of photography, which was more like documentary photography. I found this really beneficial as it allowed me to see a different style and to learn some different tips and tricks. One trick I did learn was that a bath tub near a window can act as the perfect backdrop for taking photos of corsages. Who would have guessed? It is though it’s a great place to put them as the light bounces of the white sides of the bath and so creates a nice bright space to photograph in. Also, Dave, the groom, was a massive superhero fan and so had requested a few superhero posed photographs, which were quite unusual but shows how flexible ‘Capture This Moment’ is in trying to create exactly what the client wants. These shots were way more fun to take then they should have been. The wacky poses, the crazy socks and the grooms and groomsmen’s enthusiasm made for some pretty unique but amazing photographs. 

The guys


I then went back to Kathryn and the bridal party. It was then that Kim put on her beautiful lace wedding dress and her bridesmaids came in. Their eyes began to dampen and the edges of their lips curled as they admired the bride to be. After, her dad entered and you could see the pride and joy in his face, the pictures began and his eyes never truly stayed on the camera for any period of time; instead they were often gazing at Kim’s face. This is when I realized how special a moment I was being allowed to capture and how important a wedding photographers job is as they have to be ready to always catch those unseen special moments.   

Wedding day details 

The moment had then arrived and Kim taking her Father’s arm started to walk down the grassy aisle to the white canopy under which she would be married. After the ceremony, the bride and groom were taken off on their own for a few private photos. Kathryn posed them and put them in different locations in the garden, which she had previously scouted out. To see a photographer at work and how they make their clients relaxed was really useful to see, as it showed me that a great photo doesn’t always depend on great lighting or posing but a connection between the people in the photograph and the person taking it. 

Bride and her father


The ceremony


Fun Group shots


The bride and groom 

The wedding party then made its way back into the beautiful house. They took their seats in the stunning dining room, which had been decorated with multicoloured sashes and comic book table settings, as they waited for their bride and groom to enter. This meant that my camera settings had to be changed rapidly due to the different lightings, which served to be a slight issue. These quick changes between the two extreme lightings demanded me to be quick and precise with my setting adjustments. However, throughout the day I slowly came to terms with this process and almost began to do it subconsciously. The first dance was next on the agenda which required a bit of setting up. Kathryn positioned two speed lights at the back of the dance floor to add a flash of light to the darkened room when needed, something I would have never thought of. The addition of the lights created some gorgeous photos which lit Kim’s dress and veil but silhouetted the two figures, which were holding one another dearly.  


The bride and groom had requested a photo booth so this was quickly set up and soon after the guests came along and started creating hilarious scenes and animated faces. Many playing along to the superhero theme of the wedding, some became Clark Kent and others imitated a comical fight scene. I think I had nearly just as much fun taking the photos as the guests having them taken!


Photo booth fun


Then Kathryn and I packed everything up and said our goodbyes. By this point my feet ached and my lids were becoming heavy but with two full memory cards and the band’s song stuck in my head as we travelled home I felt it was all worth it. Plus I had a good excuse for a nice hot bath… what more could I ask for? 


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