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Is it important to like your wedding photographer

Is it important to like your wedding photographer?

Why it’s Important You LIKE your Wedding Photographer 

When you choose a wedding photographer it is important that you actually like the person you hire. There are lots of decisions to make in the run up to the big day but picking the photographer is unique. In this post we will help you understand why the relationship you have with your photographer could make or break the photos they produce. 


A big responsibility

Think about it; when you shop for the perfect venue or the dream dress, your focus is not on the person selling but on the product you are purchasing. When you book a photographer though, you are booking an individual. You are booking just one person who will be carrying the huge responsibility of documenting your big day and capturing your memories forever. You need to be sure the person you chose is capable of fulfilling this role and doing it well. 


VIP access

Creating a guest list is not an easy task. Many couples find it difficult to get the numbers right. Hopefully, you will decide who makes the list based who you actually like and who you want to share your big day with. You don’t want people at your wedding who irritate you or cause arguments. 

Don’t forget though, your wedding photographer gets all the best views. They need to see what is going on at all times to enable them to truly capture your big day in all its glory. Your wedding photographer gets VIP access. 

So after all that work on your guest list, why would you want to hire a wedding photographer you don’t like? 


An intimate relationship 

If you want a high quality service from your photographer then you need to find one who provides more than a few hours’ work on the actual day you get married. To get the best pictures, they need to get to know you both and understand your vision.

Ideally they will visit the venue with you so they can get a feel for why you wanted to get married there in the first place, this will help them to capture the visual elements of your wedding that are important to you. After all, you spend so long organising the whole event; you want to make sure that the photos you look back on in 50 years’ time reflect the day perfectly. 

If at all possible your photographer should also attend the wedding rehearsal to meet with the vicar and other key professionals who play a big role in the day. This alongside regular meetings and communications with you both adds up to quite a lot of time together. 


To top it off, when the big day actually arrives; you end up spending a lot of time with them. At every moment, from getting ready to the first dance, they will be there; it will make life a lot easier if you feel comfortable together.

You have to trust them to take the pictures you will keep forever, you have to trust them to do a professional job, you have to trust them to turn up and be part of your wedding. You have to feel relaxed enough in their company to be photographed by them for hours. 


So why would you want to hire a wedding photographer you don’t like? 

Personally, as a wedding photographer, I believe that the relationship I develop with each couple is the most important aspect of my job. The pictures themselves benefit from this relationship as they are comfortable in my company which makes the photos more natural and beautiful.  

If you are looking for a high quality Gloucestershire photographer that creates beautiful images for you to treasure, then contact me here to set up a free non-obligation meeting, this will give you the chance to meet me and decide if you like me enough to trust me with the memories of your big day.


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