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Baby photography

Milestones - when should you photograph your baby?

They are perfect in every way and you want to photograph your baby’s every moment, capture these moments on your smart phone or your own camera, hiring a professional photographer can be amazing addition to remembering these moments, however it is not feasible to hire a professional photographer to spend every moment with you, here I will explain when it is the best time to capture your new addition’s memories.



During the first week of your baby’s life, you and your family are no doubt starting on an amazing journey, you are trying to figure things out, I can remember bringing home my son and wondering if it was ok to leave him downstairs whilst I popped upstairs to grab something! This is the most wonderful time to have your baby photographed, capturing all those tiny details which over time we forget, tiny toes, blistered lips and wrinkles, flaky skin. This session should ideal be done during the first two weeks as most parents are looking to have their newborn photographed naked artistically posed. Newborn babies are able to be posed and are comfortable naked - as long as they are warm and their tummies are full. 

Mewborn photography, Capture this Moment, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire 

Please don’t worry if you cant make it in for a newborn session during those first two weeks , wonderful memories can be captured with older babies.


 3-4 month

 At 3 months, your baby is smiling, they recognize  people and interact a lot something they do not do as a newborn. Some babies will also be enjoying time on their tummies, holding their head up creating super cute images.

baby photography, Capture this Moment Photography, Forest of Dean


 6-9 month

 About this age another milestone happens, your bay will be grabbing for toys and sitting up! This a great age to capture, their personalities are shining through.

baby photography, Capture this Moment Photography, Gloucestershire

Frist year portraits, Capture this MOment Photography, Gloucestershire

baby photography, Capture this Moment Photography, Gloucestershire


12 months

Celebrate this wonderful milestone, a first birthday, cake smash and splash sessions are now incredibly popular for a first birthday. Alternatively a family portrait session is a lovely way to capture this milestone.

Cake smash session, Forest of Dean

Bath time session, Forest of Dean


one year and beyond

Our children still develop and change but perhaps not as much as they did in their first year, perhaps sessions every six months or on a yearly basis as they get older will allow us to capture those memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.


Capture this Moment Photography specialise in capturing memories, please contact Kathryn to discuss your session. 


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