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Rainy window

Oh no! It's raining! What happens if it rains on my photoshoot?

It seems quite apt that I am writing this blog just as the rain starts falling once again. I get more questions about rain than anything else! So what happens if it rains on my photoshoot?


Here in the UK we are obsessed  about the weather. I have quite a few weather apps on my phone and spend the days before a wedding, a large family shot or a day of mini sessions checking the forecast almost hourly! 


The weather is one thing we can’t control, we can plan the location, what we are going to wear, the time of the session but sadly not the weather. It’s not always possible to reschedule the session, hey it might be your wedding day, family may have travelled near and far for the session. Everyone’s lives are busy and just the thought of rescheduling is too much of a headache! 


In this blog, I want to share with you some of my favourite images from wet sessions and some suggestions about how we can work with the weather other than rescheduling it!



Your Wedding

Wet wedding day - clearwell Castle


You have spent so much time (and money) planning your perfect day, you want it to be perfect but alas the weather isn’t playing ball and there is rain focused just at that moment you planned to have your photos taken. Don’t panic, your photographer will be able to handle it.


I will look for spots either inside or outside where we can capture those moments for you without you having to get wet - I will get wet for you. 


I can’t tell you the number of times I have been so grateful to have a change of clothes with me! 


Small group photos can take place indoors, staircases, armchairs, sofas are all perfect for these types of photos.


If you are up for embracing the weather - fab! It will be worth it - honest. Photos in the rain can make really pretty photos too! 

Wedding day portrait - Hatherley Manor


Groups shots on a wet wedding day


Bride and Groom at Clevedon Hall


Bride and Groom at Speech House Woods


Bride and Groom in the rain - Clevedon Hall


Rainy day wedding day - Clearwell Caves





Your Family

Siblings in the rain


Again, it might not be possible to reschedule this session. It may of been a bit of a nightmare organising everyone to get together, or you are on holiday together.

If it possible we can get some of the images inside, however if the space is tight it might mean we will need to embrace it!

It will be ok, if we are doing more posed group shots I will ask you to get into position and we can either include umbrellas or quickly put out of sight for the shot! 


Family portrait in the rain


Little girl in the rain for family portrait session


Family session in the rain


Portrait of dogs during family session






Your Pre wedding

A wet pre wedding session


This one is up to you whether you go ahead or reschedule it! Here are some examples of wet pre wedding sessions - they are great fun and I think create really pretty images.


As an alternative cafes, bars or a more urban setting would be perfect for a rainy day - I would love to do one, its on my wish list! Drop me a message if you are interested!

Pre wedding session in the rain


Pre wedding session in the rain


Engagement Session in the rain


Embracing the rain at Oxleaze Barn


Pre wedding session at Oxleaze Barn


A rainy pre wedding session  



Your Brand

Splashing in the puddles - Perrygrove Railway


Again, we will chat about whether to reschedule on the day or to go ahead, sometimes we need rainy day images for our business just like Perrygrove! 

Enjoying the weather at Perrygrove



If you are willing to embrace the weather, I will too and ended up like this just for you! 


Kathryn from Capture this Moment Photography on a Rainy day


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