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On the other side...

Like many people I dislike being on the other side... the other side of the camera. I really liked being on the "right" side of the camera.

However, last year it occurred to me that as a family we didn't have many photographs of all four of us together. Yes I have hundreds of my children - my husband often jokes that our daughter is one of the most photographed children in the world, although it getting harder to get them to agree to have their photographs taken as they get older. I have a few images with my husband, the last time was our wedding nearly 20 years ago, this was also the last time we hired a professional photographer.


So why have I put off having our family portraits down. Firstly, like many people I planned to lose the extra pounds that I carry - this never happens but my family love me for who I am, slightly crazy, bit quirky. Despite encouraging and prompting families to book sessions I couldn't see the need to book our session. After all I have hundreds of images of my children, I have documented and recorded most of their lives through photography.


One day I stumbled across a blog post (sadly the post is no longer available) about the importance of family portraits, that post changed my thinking and I knew I needed to book my own family session.

But who do you book? I have many friends who are professional photographers, many of whom I admire. In the end my husband and I chose Christy from Christy Blanch Photography. Christy is a very good friend of mine, I admired her work and she is great fun to work with. 

Christy was fantastic right from the start, suggesting locations which would provide variety and interest, somewhere we could bring along the dog. I wanted relaxed images of us as a family, a few of the children individually as well as together and finally a few of Mr G and I. Christy listened and took on board all our requests and together we planned the session.


So how was it? You know it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Christy made us feel relaxed and at ease - at times we forgot we were being photographed. Below is a just a few of my favourites from our session and you know what I won't be leaving it quite so long for the next one.


Kathryn Family 215 of 344Kathryn Family 201 of 344Kathryn Family 93 of 344Kathryn Family 65 of 344Kathryn Family 59 of 344Kathryn Family 57 of 344Kathryn Family 23 of 344



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