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Personal Branding Photography - Handbags and bags

Personal Branding Photography | Teri Jamieson Chance

I’ve been doing lots of personal branding and headshot sessions over the past couple of months, and I’ve been really loving them.

I love the variety of businesses of the women I get to photograph. 

Edge of Heaven - Pop up boutiques and Fundraising Fashion Shows


I wanted to share a couple of the images  I’ve done for  Teri Jamieson Chance who owns Edge of Heaven - Fund-raising Fashion Shows. Teri’s business helps to raise funds for schools, charities and other good causes by hosting fashion shows. Teri’s passion is to build a highly professional company, specifically designed to connect with women from all walks of life - helping them to feel good, look great and boost their confidence. Her goal is to help support every woman to maximise her personal style in a way that compliments her personality.

For Teri’s session we used her showroom to capture both variety of the products she sells during her events and some headshots that she can use. I also attended a couple of Teri’s events so that I could capture her business in action.

During our sessions I also helped Teri to capture her own images using her phone camera - Teri’s stock is constantly changing and she often only stocks a limited number of each item, so it is essential for her to produce high quality images almost on a daily basis. 


Personal Branding Photography - colourful clothing


Personal Branding Photography - colourful clothing


Personal Branding Photography - costume jewellery


Personal Branding Photography - shopping in the showroom


Personal Branding Photography - showroom


Personal Branding Photography - Teri from Edge of Heaven


Personal Branding Photography - bracelet bar 


Personal Branding Photography - shopping


Personal Branding Photography - colourful scarfs


Personal Branding Photography - products


Personal Branding Photography - Pop up boutique

You can see more about my personal branding shoots here. And if you are after just a few headshots that you’re actually proud to share,  check out the details of my headshot sessions.  

And if you run your own business and you’re looking to have a branding photo shoot,  to say goodbye to boring stock imagery and create some that really represent your business and your brand check out my personal branding sessions here. We will spend half a day shooting enough images to fill your website, newsletters and other promotional offerings.

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