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Photography for Your Brand - the value of an image

The Value of an Image for Your Brand - Photography for Your Brand 

Did you know that visitors to your website are 80% more likely to read your copy if it is accompanied with an image? Further-more they are 64% more likely to remember it! Obviously the quality and relevancy of the image is as important as its very presence, so with this knowledge what can you do to support the growth of your business using images? In this post I will explore what images add the most value to your business and why. 


The Value of Stock Photography


Stock photography certainly has its place in online marketing. Sometimes you just need an image quickly to represent something. It could be to accompany a social media post, on a blog or part of your website but they do have serious limitations. 


Stock imagery can be too generic  to represent your USP, there is physically no image that can be bought that could adequately show your ideal customers who you are and what your brand is about. They can contribute to an overall branding strategy but should absolutely not be relied upon. 


There have been marketing experiments done that show how people respond to photographs. 35% had a higher conversion rate with original pictures in comparison with stock. There have even been tests on how people actually look at a screen and it was found that more often stock photos are ignored.  Which is no surprise really; when you consider that they may already have seen the image on another website. 


The Value of DIY originals


DIY original photographs are pictures that you have taken yourself with either your phone or your camera. These can be a great way to add authenticity to your brand, especially for social media posts and blogs. They could be selfies or images of your work/workspace, you might even ask your partner, child or friend to take the picture for you.


A DIY picture can be taken anytime anywhere and can create a more honest and spontaneous feel about your updates. In a world where content is king; creating new content regularly and on the fly, using photography is a fun and engaging way to show your personality to your ideal client and build relationships. 


The DIY picture is also limited though because it is not as effective on your website.  The images that represent you on your website should be carefully selected, unlike a quick social media post. 


The Value of Professional Photography 

product photography for small businesses

Without doubt an expert photographer will be able to represent you in the most authentic and professional manner. A good photographer will be able to capture you and your entire brand within one image, showing your ideal client exactly what you want them to.  

Hiring a professional can actually save you money. As the pictures on your website are so important, you could potentially spend hours trying to plan, execute and edit them yourself, you could instead be using that time to run your business and bring in more sales. 

 You can’t carry a photographer around with you either so they will not be able to replace the effect of a spontaneous snap for social media but during your session you can create a stock of images that can be used on particularly important posts or social media adverts. They can of course also be used in your blog. 

The photographer should be flexible; you should be able to plan with them to take images of you, your workplace or of course your product. The shoot can take place where you work, in your home or at an outside location. The photographer will help you get the image right for your unique business. 

If you want to attract a high level client, you need to show in all areas of your business that you are working at that high level. A professional has the superior equipment and knowledge to take the pictures that show you as a serious legit business that can be trusted to deliver high quality, regardless of your industry. 


Your Brand by Capture this Moment Photography


Here at Capture this Moment Photography we provide both one off sessions for businesses or monthly visits. Before we even start though we will have an in-depth discussion about your aims and ideas, we will even create mood boards so we can plan together and create unique images to grow your business. 


If you would like to chat with me about a Your Brand photography session, please drop me a message for a no obligation chat.

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