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Plan your wedding using Pinterest

 Plan your wedding using Pinterest

3 Tips To Plan Your Wedding Using Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing place to plan any creative project, especially a wedding. It allows you to categorize and bookmark your ideas so it helps you to organise your thoughts, develop your theme and make final decisions. As a wedding photographer, it is a tool I use regularly. My clients and I work together create a board that represents what they want for their big day. It ensures that I am on the same page (or board) as them and helps me as I create the personalised and cherished memories that they can keep forever. Using my experience of Pinterest for planning weddings I would like to share with you my top 3 tips to get the most out of the platform.

1. Create a Secret Board 

This is my first top tip for a reason; it needs to be the first thing you do. Pinterest is essentially a social media platform but you don’t want to use it that way when planning the biggest day of your life. If your board is public, everyone can see. All your followers will be able to track the evolution of your wedding plans and when it comes to the big day there will be very few surprises left. 

I use secret boards with my clients but you could have several, you might want one for the different aspects of the day and you may also want to share them (or hide them) from different people. For example if you are looking for wedding dress inspiration you certainly don’t want your future husband to be checking in. 

2. Be Unique 

Creating a board of inspiring images is really helpful but the most incredible weddings have a stamp of individuality from the couple themselves. It is easy enough to recreate a cookie cutter style event but your big day should be about you. 

Many of the images on Pinterest (as with wedding magazines or wedding blogs) are often quite generic and staged. The couples in some of the images are just models and so the real sense of who they are is irrelevant. Don’t let these images dictate your day, be sure to add your own individuality. 

There are a lot of people who don’t like Pinterest for this very reason; they believe that it has taken the natural creativity away from people, who now prefer just to copy. I love Pinterest and as a user in the creative industries I believe it can aid innovation but you have to be mindful not to just replicate what you pin. 

One way to make sure that your board doesn’t just become awash with soulless images of standard weddings, is to add images that are not wedding industry related. Maybe you spot a beautiful window display, a beautiful building or you see a garden that inspires you, take a picture and pin it. You can also search for non-wedding related images when you are looking for inspiration on the platform. Search for fashion, travel or even interior design boards. This ensures that your board is more of a representation of you and your life as oppose to just other people’s ideas of a perfect wedding

3. Create clarity  

Back in the days before Pinterest, couples would have to do all their inspiration hunting with wedding magazines. Nowadays though, Pinterest gives you access to more ideas than you could ever physically find within the pages of every magazine on the shelf. The problem is that there are simply so many images to pin that it can become overwhelming. 

Making meaningful decisions about the best day of your life can be harder with so much choice. If you just pinned everything that you ever liked you would find yourself with no real direction or theme and more confused than before you started. 

When you start this process you can be a little freer in your pinning choices, especially if you haven’t got clear ideas in the beginning. However, be sure to take the nearest opportunity to be more selective and start to narrow down your boards, deleting what no longer feels relevant.  

The closer you get to your wedding, the fewer pictures you actually want on your board. Try to reduce your main theme board down to just 15 pictures, this might sound quite difficult if you have a lot, but it will force you to be super selective and have real clarity in your wedding vision. 

Once you have your board complete and you are happy, stop. The problem with Pinterest is there are always new images being added every moment (literally). If you keep looking then you will find yourself discovering contrasting images that have the potential to make you second guess the choices you have already made. At this point, consider this process to be over and move on before you need to postpone the wedding to look at all the new pins! 

Capture this Moment on Pinterest 

I love using Pinterest as a tool to get to know and develop a relationship with a couple as we lead up to their big day. If you would like to discuss your wedding with me and find out how I can represent your wedding vision through photography then get in contact with me today on 07816 477243 or
email me on Kathryn@capturethismoment.co.uk

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