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bride and groom - rain on your wedding day

Rain on your Wedding Day

Can rain ever be good on your wedding day?

Bride and groom night time- rain on your wedding day


Alanis Morissette sang about it in her unforgettable song “Ironic,” but does rain on your wedding day have to spell disaster?  You’ve bought the dress, you’ve had your hair and makeup done, do April showers or a freak summer downpour really mean your big day and your all-important photographs are ruined? 

We don’t think so.  Traditionally, rain on their wedding day is every Bride's nightmare but you can still have an incredible day and amazing photographs whatever the weather by planning ahead and keeping a few simple tricks up your sleeve in case the heavens do open. 

Wedding season in the UK traditionally runs from May through till September but worrying about the weather shouldn’t stop you from fixing your date at a time that’s meaningful and special to you. Planning a summer wedding doesn’t always guarantee summer weather anyway. 







Here is The Capture This Moment  guide to making the rain work for you on your wedding day:


  1. Choose a venue with an indoor and an outdoor area.  If your wedding is completely open-air ring the venue and check to see if they have a tent or marquee or see if you can hire one locally for the day.guests on a rainy wedding day

  2. Have a plan – make sure the Florist, the DJ, the venue, the caterers and all your other service providers have a backup strategy in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.  This way you’ll be able to enjoy your day knowing it will run smoothly without having to stress about making any last minute adjustments.

  3. Waterproof mascara – whether you’re the emotional type or not waterproof mascara is an absolute must!

  4. Have a backup location for photographs somewhere undercover, under a tree or in a bandstand.  A good photographer will come and check out your chosen locations with you and help you with ideas to capture your special day. Rain can create a romantic atmosphere and give you an excuse to cuddle up to your new husband or wife. 

  5. Umbrellas – invest in some bright, colourful or funky umbrellas.  These will not only keep you and your guests dry they’ll make for great props for unusual and memorable photographs.  A wedding party with matching umbrellas looks awesome in photographs!

  6. Wellies – if your venue is in the countryside or you are planning on having your photographs taken in the grounds of your venue then invest in Wellies.  Young or old bridesmaids or page boys in matching wellies- totally adorable! Investing in wellies will also prevent soggy shoes and dresses and means you can keep your killer heels safe and dry for the dancing later on. 



wellies on a rainy wedding day


Ideally, we’d all have the perfect weather on our big day, not too hot, not too bright and it would be great if we could plan the weather as carefully as we have the whole day.  The reality is if it is going to rain on your wedding day there is nothing anyone can do to stop it and although you can’t control the weather you can certainly plan for it.


If you would like Capture This Moment Photography to help you capture your special day come rain or shine book a free consultation today to discuss your plans and ideas.

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