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Real wedding photography - Jo and Andy

Jo and Andy's wedding by Isabella Norman


The sun is beaming on this early April morning (I know a rarity), in the middle of Hereford. In the streets people are milling around, unaware of the overpowering feeling of unity and devotion inside this 'ordinary' building on their high street. The ceremony room is filled with friends and family who love and support this couple, no, they're not a 'couple'... they're a family. Although, not husband and wife in title, Andy and Jo, it could not be disputed are already one. They appear as a unit, only completed when together with their two beautiful children. Their wedding, therefore, didn't seem as though it was the 'joining of two people', as this devoted couple were already joined but instead a declaration of their love to one another in front of their friends and family.


The ceremony is heartfelt and emotional with most adorning a tear, or two. The couple, either clasped hand in hand or side by side take their vows and profess their love. The words they wrote for their vows symbolise their love better than any ring. A ring represents everlasting love, but the words they said, along with the conviction in their eyes conveys this more clearly than any metal band. During the ceremony, there are two readings both eloquently delivered and heartfelt. It was evident from the ease in their voices and the conviction which racked the words, that this couple will and have been well supported and that everyone in that room believed in the married couple, Jo and Andy, whole heartedly. The ceremony ends and the couple exit first and the wave of guests follows with open arms and kind comments spilling out of their mouths. 


After the wave of guests had engulfed the couple in hugs and kisses, the group pictures began. Situated on the beautiful staircase in the town hall, the guests come in groups to surround either the bride, groom or both. As a wedding photographer, you always want the people in your photographs to look comfortable and no one didn't. The ceremony was only small, so there wasn't a massive number of guests in the group photos but by limiting the numbers, the guests there were actually all there because they believed in the couple and were prepared to love and support them. This is conveyed in the photos, as the guest don't look as though they came as it was an excuse to get dressed up, or because they didn't  want to be rude. They came because they cared and this was evident.


Next the reception, but first, for the bride and groom, a quick stop off on the side of a road! Beautiful yellow rapeseed was too tempting for Kathryn, who asked the bride in her, and my, excitement whether we could stop and take some photos in one of the fields before we got to the venue. The idea of the rich purple of the bridesmaids dresses against the bright, vibrant yellow of the rapeseed, made Kathryn and I far too excited but the bride and groomhappily obliged to do what many probably wouldn't. Their two girls, who were the bridesmaids, seemed a little dazed as to what we were doing on the side of a road, to be honest who wouldn't be but after the quick stop and a few photographs, in which our dreams lived up to our colourful expectations. It was not long before the couple was back on the road on the way to their beautiful venue. 


They arrived to the open arms of their guests as more group photos began, but this time the photos were a lot less formal. The inside of the venue was decorated beautiful, adorned with photos of the couple and their family and personal touches around the room such as a selfie booth, sweetshop and unconventional guest 'book', which suited the couple perfectly. Soon after, the speeches began, and so the laughter and tears also began. A heartfelt maid of honours speech and hilarious best man speech followed Andy's speech, which although I understand it probably was rehearsed,  it seemed as though it wasn't as every word he said was either evident from what I had seen that day or justified by Jo's smiling face. The speeches over, the gorgeous looking buffet began and after the first dance soon became a family affair.


Lastly, Kathryn and I went with Jo and Andy in to the grounds of the venue and took some beautiful photos of the couple on their own. Including a photo featuring the couples reflection in the lake and another on the beautiful long driveway into the venue. Then the girls joined them for some family photos, some more traditional than others (i.e photos not featuring a confetti canon). Then Kathryn and I left them and began our journey home, both fully aware we had just experienced something of great importance: a couple in love finally having the chance to gain the title they had been living and expressing their love to all their friends and family. 


Wedding at Penyard House

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