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Real weddings | Haselbury Mill, Somerset | Rosie and Ben

Rosie and Ben's wedding at Haselbury Mill in Somerset.


Haselbury Mill in Somerset is a quirky venue with lots of wonderful locations for your wedding guests to enjoy and for capturing so many wonderful memories.


The day began by meeting Rosie at the hairdressers and makeup artist's cozy retreat, where Rosie and her bridesmaids were being pampered and preened. The girls, munching on strawberries and chatting to one another were gradually transformed into a beautiful bride and two stunning bridesmaids. Once the girls were ready, we headed to the house at the venue where Rosie and the bridesmaids would be getting ready. With time to spare the bride and her bridesmaids reminisced over old stories, whilst lounging in decorative chairs that made them seem as if they had been taken straight out of an old Hollywood movie. Paul, from Lemon house Photography, met the Groom and his groomsmen and documented their getting ready for the big day ahead.



bride and bridesmaids prepping for the big day Haselbury Mill

Groom prep at Haselbury Mill

Bridal details at Haselbury Mill



As the ceremony time edged ever-nearer, the bridesmaids slipped into the perfect pink dresses and then helped Rosie into her stunning white gown. Once dressed they helped her with her jewellery, all of which, for me, was framed perfectly in an antique mirror. Almost ready to walk down the aisle, Rosie’s dad came to see his daughter, and he seemed to hardly believe that this beautiful bride standing before him was his daughter.

Girls having fun at Haselbury Mill


Getting ready for the big moment at Haselbury Mill 


The ceremony

Initially wanting to get married outside, the plans had to be changed quickly as the skies began to open. However, the barn was still a brilliant venue for the ceremony. The ceremony, was heartfelt and full of love and support, and was interspersed by some unique readings. The service had many crying or dabbing at their eyes as this perfectly suited couple became one.

Getting married at Haselbury Mill


With the bride and groom now husband and wife, it was time for the group photographs, a slight issue when it’s raining heavily, but still this issue was dealt with and the photographs were taken in the entrance. This provided the natural light that was needed for the photographs and the shelter, which the smarty dressed guests desperately wanted. However, we were not so fortunate as the guests, and so had to stand out in the rain to take the pictures. To say we were a bit soggy is an understatement.

Bride and her bridesmaids at Haselbury Mill 

The rain did not spoil Rosie and Ben's big day,  the Bride and Groom will still be able to have their planned photos, as I gave them the opportunity to put their suit and dress back on and have some photos taken at the venue, which the accommodating venue agreed to.

Bride and Groom at Haselbury Mill, Somerset


The wedding breakfast was next but not before the speeches, which were both funny and heartwarming. Once the guests had eaten we set up a photo booth, took photos of the cutting of the magnificent cake, which was handmade by Rosie’s mother. The cake was stunning with lots of delicately hand crafted sugar-flowers. Then, with the weather on our side, Kathryn took Rosie and Ben for a few photos of just the two of them. Using the outside lights Kathryn got creative and took some amazing silhouette photos of the couple.

Stunning wedding cake at Haselbury Mill



The evening began with Rosie and Ben’s first dance, played by their live band. Then with the evening in full swing there was lots of dancing, funny faces pulled at the extremely sour sweets on offer at the sweet table and hilarious uses of props in the photo booth. 

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