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Sarah and Misty

I first met Sarah nearly two years ago at a wedding fair, Sarah owns Sweet Time Candy Cart, a business she set up when she was just 17. This year Sarah celebrated a milestone birthday and I wanted to create some portraits for her to treasure this moment. As well as studying for a degree and running her own business, Sarah enjoys spending time with her horse. We planned the session, sharing ideas on a secret sharing board on Pinterest - I use this a lot when working with brides and other clients whilst planning a session. Sarah and I wanted the session to show the special relationship between horse and owner.


The session took place in the beautiful Usk valley, this area is simple stunning and the weather was dramatic - we had wind, rain, snow, hail and sun all in a short period. Take a look at some of the images we managed to capture during our time together.


A special friendship

wearing flowers

a special bond




If you are interested in planning special session to capture forever memories, please feel free to contact me to discuss

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