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Image of family and dog - Family photography Session

Gloucestershire Family photography sessions - why You need to be in photos?

7 months ago

It doesn’t matter how beautiful they are: most women are self-conscious about booking a family photography session. This is particularly true for new mums (and not so new mums) No need to list what part of our bodies we might not feel comfortable with, it’s different for each one of us but I know you probably shy away from the camera whenever it’s pointed at you. I know I do.

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Family photographs in Spring - amongst the bluebells

Family photography in the bluebells

18 months ago

Family photography in the bluebells - *updated for 2020*

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Summer Holidays Are a Perfect Time for a Family Photoshoot - colourful, natural

The Summer Holidays Are a Perfect Time for a Family Photoshoot

2 years ago

I have been capturing family moments for as long as I have been a mother myself and the summer holidays are a brilliant time to organise a photoshoot. To celebrate I have a special offer for those who book a Family Mini Session for the summer holidays 2019 but before I share this, I want to help you prepare. I have 3 top tips for your summer holidays photoshoot so you can get the very best out of your day.

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 Outside Venue for Your Family Photo Shoot  - May Hill

Why Should You Choose an Outside Venue for Your Family Photo Shoot

2 years ago

Studio photography will always have a place in the industry. Because it is a controlled environment it is protected from unpredictable elements such as the weather and sunlight, for some photographers this makes it a preferable option. However, for me I would much prefer to grab my camera and head to the great outdoors. So why should you head to an outside venue for your family photo shoot?

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Family photographs in Spring - walking through the bluebells

Family photographs in Spring, make the most of the season

3 years ago

Taking family photographs on a beautiful Spring day sounds idyllic but it’s not always that easy. Both children and the weather can be frustratingly indecisive. But however hard it can seem, the reality is though that your children will never be this age again, next Spring they will be a year older and this moment in time will be lost forever. In this post, I want to help you capture those moments even when your subjects or the environment prove to be difficult.

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girl running with bubbles

How to get the perfect shot of your children in action- Cotswold photoshoot

4 years ago

Anyone who has tried to snap the perfect picture of their children will know what a challenging task this is.

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SBE 160

Autumn Photoshoots for families

4 years ago

Autumn Photoshoots are prefect for capturing some precious memories of you and your loved ones.

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