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Kathryn Goddard Capture this Moment Photography

Do you need a headshot?

11 days ago

To answer this question I am going to share with you my own relationship with headshots and being the face behind the brand.

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Rainy window

Oh no! It's raining! What happens if it rains on my photoshoot?

18 days ago

It seems quite apt that I am writing this blog just as the rain starts falling once again. I get more questions about rain than anything else! So what happens if it rains on my photoshoot?

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Personal Branding Photography - what is it?

Headshot photography and personal branding photography. What is the difference?

45 days ago

Before investing in headshot photography or personal branding photography, learn about the differences and find out which one’s right for your business?

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Branding Photoshoot - Adele

How to have a successful branding photoshoot - 8 top tips to help you get the most out of your session

2 months ago

Photography plays a huge role in brand identity. Photographs are a powerful, creative and important part of Your Brand.[/gloucestershire-photographer-portfolio/your-brand/] They entice your audience by telling them the visual stories, they capture attention and elevate your brand. Here are my top tips for having a successful branding photoshoot and how to get the most out of your session. We will be looking at:

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Headshot for Come to good by Capture this Moment Photography

Dos and Don'ts for your headshot

4 months ago

As we are Headshot by Capture this Moment Photography

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Your Brand Photo Session by Capture this Moment

Making the most out of Your Brand Photo session

4 months ago

So how can you make sure you get the most out of your brand photo session and in turn stand out from the crowd.

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Your Brand - afternoon tea - Harts Barn Cookery School

Photography for Your Brand - the value of an image

5 months ago

The Value of an Image for Your Brand -Photography for Your Brand[/gloucestershire-photographer-portfolio/your-brand/][/gloucestershire-photographer-portfolio/your-brand/]

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Voiceover Artist by Capture this Moment Photography

Your Brand | Abbe Opher voiceover artist

5 months ago

I recently had the pleasure of working with Abbe Opher, a voiceover artist. Our paths had crossed previously, Abbe attended one of my workshops Instagram.

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Take amazing photos on your phone

How to take amazing photos with your phone

6 months ago

Taking photos has never easier or more accessible. Most of us have the means to take photos 24/7. Our smart phones all have amazing technology which allow us to capture our every day moments, treasures we come across while we are out and about. With a few simple tips you can take amazing photos with your phone.

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Examples of Jo Snowdon's Work

Your Brand | Jo Snowdon Stained Glass

6 months ago

Before Christmas I had the pleasure of working with Jo from Jo Snowdon Stained Glass, on a Your Brand Photography Session[/your-brand/] I must admit I have been a fan of Jo’s for awhile, following her across her social media pages. I love her use of colour and the designs she creates are wonderful. So, when Jo approached me (whilst out walking the dog!) for a branding session, I jumped at the chance. For the session, we decided to photography a workshop so that Jo would have her own library of relevant, authentic images showing her clients the different aspects of her classes, the tools that would be used as well the various stages of creating a piece of stained glass. In this case, I would be taking part in the workshop as an attendee as well as photographing it.

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Anita Faulkner - Dr Fosters Gloucester

Your Brand | Anita Faulkner | Glittering Copy

7 months ago

It is always lovely to work with returning clients - it is a wonderful testament. I first meet Anita in the autumn working with her to create images as part of my "Your Brand" sessions, and it was a pleasure to meet up again withAnita, a writer, blogger, author of funny stories[/blog/anita-faulkner-headshots/].

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Personal Branding Photography - Handbags and bags

Personal Branding Photography | Teri Jamieson Chance

8 months ago

I’ve been doing lots of personal branding and headshot sessions over the past couple of months, and I’ve been really loving them.

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Headshots - Anita Faulkner

Why you need a headshot?

9 months ago

example of headshot Why do you need a headshot?

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Anita in bookshop

Anita Faulkner | Headshots

10 months ago

When I received the following image in an email - I knew I wanted to work with Anita!

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Your brand by Capture this Moment - Lisa Barry Online

The Problem with Stock Images

14 months ago

Images make your business shine. Whether you’re using them to break up the text on your homepage, illustrate a blog, catch a scrolling eye on social media or even in a leaflet, images make all the difference. The important thing is to choose the right ones.

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Capture this Moment Photography 0234

Visual Branding for Schools

19 months ago

Why Schools Need to Consider their Visual branding?

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The details of Your Brand|Branding Photography Session

Get the Most Out of Your Branding Photography Session

23 months ago

Your brand and your business is as unique as you are and when you invest in professional branding photography session you want to make sure that they reflect your personality, your message and your individuality. In this post we will explore how to get the most out of your photo shoot so that they can be an asset for your business growth.

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family fun on professional photo shoot

Nervous about a professional photo shoot? 5 top tips to look your best

23 months ago

Whether you're planning a family shoot, booking a wedding photographer or getting headshots done for your business, one thing that plagues a lot of people when they book a professional photographer is anxiety about what they will look like in the final pictures? Will they be good enough? Will they look overweight? What will other people think?

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Branding Photography | Rachel Shilston - Inspiring Creativity

Branding Photography | Rachel Shilston - Inspiring Creativity

24 months ago

Today, I want to share with you some branding photography, I love working with other small business owners to create beautiful images for them to use on their website and across social media.

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