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Planning your wedding

Wedding Planning Checklist

3 days ago

Planning a wedding is no easy task. Most people only do it once in their lifetime (or at least that's the plan), and so it's not something you tend to get a lot of practice in. This is why many people choose to use the expertise of a wedding planner but if that's not for you then we have a solution. Here is a practical checklist to follow with the 5 most important things you need to do and when.

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visit your venue with your photographer

Why should your wedding photographer visit your venue

34 days ago

The wedding photographer is a unique service, their job is to capture the atmosphere, the special moments and the love between you as a couple.

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family fun on professional photo shoot

Nervous about a professional photo shoot? 5 top tips to look your best

41 days ago

Whether you're planning a family shoot, booking a wedding photographer or getting headshots done for your business, one thing that plagues a lot of people when they book a professional photographer is anxiety about what they will look like in the final pictures? Will they be good enough? Will they look overweight? What will other people think?

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Memories of 2018 by Capture this Moment Photography

Have you captured your 2018 memories?

51 days ago

Will You Forget 2018?

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Shop local this Christmas: gift ideas from the Forest of Dean

Christmas Gift Ideas from the Forest of Dean

2 months ago

Shop local this Christmas with these gift ideas from the Forest of Dean

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Guest blog from Heart of the Cotswolds

Heart of the Cotswolds - 
Your wedding, your choices | Guest Blog

3 months ago

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Heart of the Cotswolds - independent celebrants, I was intrigued to discover how they work differently to vicars, priests and registrars. Gillian from Heart of the Cotswolds was kind enough to explain their role and how they can help make your day truly special.

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bride and groom - rain on your wedding day

Rain on your Wedding Day

4 months ago

Can rain ever be good on your wedding day?

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Bride and Groom during their winter wedding

Winter Weddings | How to Have a Very Merry Wedding

4 months ago

Winter weddings are magical and planning a winter wedding can result in a very stylish unique day. So how to have a merry wedding? Brides Magazine has a great article on planning your winter wedding.

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The benefits of an unplugged wedding

The Benefits of having an Unplugged Wedding

4 months ago

What is an unplugged wedding and what are the benefits of having an unplugged wedding?

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must have photos|details of your day

Must have wedding photos | 6 must have photographs from your day.

5 months ago

What are the must have wedding photos from your special day? Here is my list of the must have wedding photos you should have captured on your wedding day.

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Couple at pre wedding session

5 Tips to get the most out of your pre wedding photoshoot

5 months ago

Getting ready for your pre wedding photoshoot? If you need some extra tips, check out this list we created just for you!

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examples of two wedding photographers

Two photographers for your wedding day is a must have

5 months ago

All of our packages have the option to book two photographers for your wedding – but why book a second photographers? A second photographer is an additional photographer who is there to cover the wedding as well. We may also choose to have two photographers at your wedding for many reasons.

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Wedding day prep

Helpful Tips for Getting Ready for your Wedding Day

9 months ago

We’re here today to talk about getting ready for your wedding day.

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Does printed photography even matter anymore in a digital world?

10 months ago

Do you still desire printed memories from your Cotswold Wedding?

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Spring wedding rings

Checklist for a Spring Wedding | Plan your perfect day

11 months ago

Planning a spring wedding? Check out our checklist for a perfect spring wedding.

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Family photography, Forest of Dean

Celebrating Gloucestershire Mums - Cotswold photography ideas

12 months ago

Capturing lasting Photographic memories from the stunning Cotswolds

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girl running with bubbles

How to get the perfect shot of your children in action- Cotswold photoshoot

12 months ago

Anyone who has tried to snap the perfect picture of their children will know what a challenging task this is.

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Clearwell Castle Wedding Venue

Why visit your Gloucestershire Wedding venue with your photographer?

13 months ago

Once you have Chosen your Gloucestershire Wedding venue I'm happy to go for a pre Wedding visit with you.

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couple 915991 960 720

5 Unusual Places to Propose to Your Partner

14 months ago

Capture this Moment previously mentioned that nearly half of proposals take place between December and February, which means the proposal season is currently in full swing. Admittedly, it can be hard to decide where to pop the question, given that there are lots of romantic spots to choose from.

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Bergen to Oslo, Norway

5 ways to get the perfect shot whilst travelling

15 months ago

If you’re a photographer preparing for a stint of travelling, it’s understandable if you’re wondering just how to make the most out of your camera during your trip. When there’s so much to do and see you may be stumped as to how to ensure you’re getting some perfect shots along the way. These 5 essential tips will help you do just that.

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I do, engagement ring

The perfect proposal

16 months ago

There’s no other piece of jewellery as emotionally charged as an engagement ring and perhaps no question as important as asking your beloved to spend the rest of their life with you.

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Trick Photography

16 months ago

trick photography

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Church wedding at Clearwell, Gloucestershire

Chasing the Light – How to Capture the Perfect Lighting

16 months ago

natural light photography

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Capturing Your Little Monsters This Halloween

16 months ago

Halloween is increasingly becoming a big event in the UK family calendar; it seems to get bigger and bigger every year. After you and your monsters have put so much effort into looking the part, you want to make sure you capture the moment and take hair raising pictures to keep for eternity. The only problem is that Halloween by its very nature is dark, so how can you take decent pictures without light? In this post we will share with you 5 top tips to help you get some bloody good Halloween pictures this year.

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day at the beach

Holiday photography

19 months ago

Family photography, Gloucestershire

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First dance, Temple Guiting Manor

Top 30 First Dance Songs - Guest blog from UK Mobile Discos

21 months ago

Top 30 First Dance Songs

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Winter photography, Forest of Dean

Winter photography tips and tricks by Isabella Norman

2 years ago

I look through the frosty glass of my bedroom window and see the wintery world of the Forest of Dean below. The grey elegant fog is mingling with the deep green pine trees and the other bare brown branches. Later, after a warming cup of tea, I take a step on to the crisp grass which crunches under foot, the sound and action of the grass being crumpled is almost as hypnotic as the popping of bubble wrap. My lungs begin to fill with the chilling and rejuvenating winter air and my fingers begin to tingle as they clutch my camera, my head is whirling with just one question: How can I capture this and do this magical scene true justice?

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Remember remember the 5th of November - tips for photographing fireworks by Isabella Norman

2 years ago


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photographer at work

Q & A with Capture this Moment Photography

3 years ago

Questions for your wedding photographer

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