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A-Z of Wedding Photography

The A-Z of Wedding Photography

From albums to zoom lenses here is a  bit of a fun -  my A-Z of Wedding Photography

a-z of wedding photography - albumsA - is for albums


Present your images in the best way by choosing a wedding album. Technology is  wonderful however it can go wrong and changes (CD drives are no longer common on new machines). A wedding album is a heirloom. 


B -  is for budget


Wedding Photography can take up a large chunk of your budget, most photographers have a selection of packages so if you are on a budget ask about half day instead of a full day. 


a - z of wedding photography confettiC - is for Confetti


One of the most fun photographs to capture but you need to make sure it is set up and everyone knows where to stand and what they are doing.


a-z of wedding photography detailsD - is for Details


You spend months planning all the details including your flowers, your jewellery, venue styling for your special day, ask your photographer to capture these details.


a-z of wedding photography  emotion

E - is for Emotion


Some of the best wedding photographs captured are not staged at all. Many photographers will continue to snap away unnoticed capturing these wonderful moments. Weddings are all about the emotion of the day, the joy, the love, the tears, the smiles and the laughter.


a-z of wedding photography First Dance

F - is for first dance


Your first dance as husband and wife is a wonderful moment to capture especially as the song very often has a special meaning to the couple



a-z of wedding photography Groom prep

G - is for groom prep


Often overlooked as most weddings focus on the bride.  Capture the groom’s final preparation, a few moments with his best man and ushers, down the pub, welcoming guests help to complete the story of the couples special day.


a-z of wedding photography hands

H - is for hands


I always try to capture hands during the day, whether its a moment holding hands during the ceremony, during the exchange of rings, the signing of the register. Holding hands, hands with rings, hands over mouths, hands waving, pointing, clapping, resting... The little details are so important in wedding photography, and for me, hands tell some of the most interesting stories.



a-z of wedding photography intimate moments

I - is for intimate moments

Make sure to take around 30 minutes away from your wedding with your photographer to capture some beautiful just married pictures.


J is for JPEG

JPEGs are the compressed photographs that can only be minimally edited. Your photographer will deliver your images in this format as this is the standard format for print or for use online. However, your photographer should take the imagine in RAW format on their camera. If they shoot in JPEG, they will have very little post processing control and there will be less detail in the final image.


a-z of wedding photography - kids

K is for Kids

I know not everyone shares this view, but I think children at weddings are fantastic. Kids will always do something fun and worthy of photographing, so you can see why I like having them there.  My advice here is for brides who have kids themselves, specifically those under the age of 5, assign a minder to them for the day. That could be a professional minder, or a family member, but pick one person to have that responsibility. I’ve seen it all too often where the bride thinks ‘ah sure the whole family will be there to help with the kids’. Unfortunately collective responsibility rarely works. People assume someone else is looking after the kids, and more often than not, the bride is left looking after tired and upset toddlers, unable to relax herself.

a-z of wedding photography - night time portrait 

L is for Low light


If you are going to be getting married in a church or other venue that doesn't have much light or perhaps you have chosen to get married during the winter months, check that your photographer has experience in working in low lighting conditions. Not all cameras can handle dark or difficult lighting situations so you need to make sure your photographer is confident in tackling the situation.


M is for Meeting


Meeting up with your photographer  before your wedding is essential  so that you can see if your personalities click. They may seem wonderful on paper but in real life you may not get along and you don't want to spend your wedding day being tailed by a person you don't particularly like.


a-z of wedding photography - winter wedding

N is for Natural Light


Natural light is a photographers best friend. Some photographers however describe themselves specifically as a natural light photographer, this means they will not use flash or other forms of light other than the sun or the venues own lighting.Keep this in mind if your wedding is taking place in winter.


a-z of wedding photography off camera flash

O is Off Camera Flash


An off camera flash is like a studio light that can be positioned wherever the photographer would like, this helps create dramatic images and provide a source of light once the sun has gone down,


P is for packages

Most photographers have a variety of packages and some will do some bespoke packages to meet your requirements. The most common packages are half and full day packages, you can also add on to packages with prints or albums.


Q is for questions

Don’t be scared to ask lots of questions, your photographer is one of the most important professionals on your wedding day, capturing memories you will want to keep forever.


a-z of wedding photography Bridal prep

R  is for reportage

Reportage photography is similar to documentary work, the difference is that a true reportage photographer will not interact with you or your guests and will simply capture the events as they unfold.


S is for shot list

It is vital for a wedding photographer as it informs them of where they need to be and at what time, it is also a good idea to include any groups shots you would like and the importance of these. Try to meet up with your photographer before the wedding and go through this together.


T is for Timings

Try to estimate accurately your wedding day schedule. Photographers will generally need 30 to an hour with your family and friends to get those all important posed formal images, many photographers will also want to spend some time with the newlyweds. Allowing at least 90 minutes between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast will ensure you have enough time for photographs and to mingle with guests.


U is for USB Stick

The most common way a wedding photographer will deliver the final images.


a-z of wedding photography venues

V is for Venue visits

I like to visit the venue with couples, I like to see why you selected a venue, is it because of a wow staircase, or the beautiful grounds. Its also helps me to assist in my planning, I can look for suitable locations incase of poor weather.


a-z of wedding photography Storm Clouds on a wedding day 

W is for Weather

Ask your photographers  how they would handle bad weather. The majority of photographers will be able to work in rain, inexperienced photographers will struggle.


X is for x-factor

Book a photographer whose images make you say wow. You should hire a photographer based on their talent, skill and personality.


a-z of wedding photography You may kiss the bride

Y is for You may kiss the bride

The first kiss is not standard practice in some wedding ceremonies especially in roman catholic services, if you want it in, ask your priest who will most likely oblige.


Z is for zoom lens

During your wedding I will use two cameras each fitted with a zoom lens, this gives me great flexibility whilst working, I can capture those candid moments, capture details and beautiful portraits throughout the day.


If you would like to discuss your photography requirements  for your wedding, please contact me.





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