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Visual Branding for Schools

Why Schools Need to Consider their Visual branding?


When you hear the word ‘branding’ you probably think more about business than education but in today’s culture, a school’s reputation and the impression it makes on the local community directly impacts on the number of students and the funding. Having a positive visual brand allows your school to communicate the values and mission that goes beyond the National Curriculum. Here at Capture This Moment, we help schools to create powerful visuals and in this post, we will explain the value of this to the teachers, pupils and community.


The logo

A logo might be a simple way to illustrate the school name but it goes deeper than that. It is the visual symbol for your school that should be recognisable in the community. Children should be proud to wear in on their uniform and parents should be proud to send them off to school wearing it. A good logo develops and maintains trust and considering schools are being trusted daily with the education of our children, trust is vital. The text should be readable, the colours should be simple and any image should represent the ethos, not just the school name.


Stationary and signage

Professional branding demonstrated consistently across the school has an impact on everyone who walks through the school doors. From letters home to parents, reports for children to welcome notes for visitors. Branding allows the school to present itself as a community, where there is harmony, predictability and stability.



The website is the modern day prospectus (although not a replacement for the traditional, it is now the first place people go to find out more about your school). It is a shop window into your values, your ideas and your standards. A neglected website will give visitors the impression of a neglected school. Progresisve schools also use their website as a place to communicate daily with the pupils and parents, keep everyone informed and build relationships. The website is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate consistent branding messages.  



A picture paints a thousand words. Photographs can be used across the school from the website, social media, prospectus, entrance hall display, fundraising event promotion,  yearbooks and more. The photographs you use to represent your school have an instant impression on those who see them. If done right they capture what is unique and special about your school. Headshots and official school pictures are important but photography has the ability to communicate so much more.  They have the potential to showcase the education, the community, the support, the curiosity, the joy and the evolution of the children in your care.


For children, school is a snapshot of their life.  Here at Capture the Moment we can help you to capture this in a way that contributes to the school branding and helps you to stand out in the community for all the right reasons.


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Visual Branding for Schools

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