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Weather proof your wedding - tips for your wedding day

Weather Proof Your Wedding

The weather in the UK is never predictable which can make choosing a wedding date feel like a gamble, regardless of the season; the sunshine does not come with a money back guarantee. The only way that couples can combat this unpredictability is to face the risks head on, work out what the potential problems might be and plan for every eventuality. 

In this post we will look at some of the precautions you can take to weather proof your wedding so that neither rain nor heat can cast a shadow over your big day.

What to do when it’s rains 

Plan for the rain, even if your wedding is booked for the height of summer! It is tempting to just visualise your wedding as the perfect day with the sun shining and the sky blue but spending time thinking about the rain pouring down will give you the opportunity to prepare yourself and your guests. 

  • Visit the venue and plan where you would have your pictures taken if the heavens open but also consider how the ground will be affected. Even if it isn’t raining on the day, a recent down pour will affect the grassy areas .
  • If there are parts of the day when you will definitely be outside prepare yourself with stylish matching umbrellas and consider providing extras for your guests. They will appreciate this gesture a great deal if they find themselves caught short. 
  • Ask the venue if they have an area that could be designated to storing raincoats and umbrellas so water doesn’t drip everywhere and cause a slipping hazard, this is especially important as most people will be wearing party shoes which are not designed with super grip in mind.  
  • Spend time going over the drinks menu and check that there are warm options available so if people feel the need to warm up with a hot cup of something soothing they can. 
  • In your invitation information, make sure you give your guests as much information as possible that will help them make the appropriate wardrobe choices for your wedding. If the ground is likely to be muddy or uneven you can make people aware and allow them to select the most appropriate footwear for the occasion. 

What to do when it’s hot

Most of us assume that the ideal wedding weather is sunny, but what if it’s too sunny? When the British summer really takes hold it can feel humid and oppressive. In this sort of weather, a heavy wedding dress will leave you uncomfortable and sweaty (not the idea bridal look).

  • In much the same way as you prepare for the rain, check out the venue and look for appropriate areas for shade. If there isn’t a lot then think about putting up big umbrellas to create shade and place seating in areas that are more open to a breeze. If the event is inside then keep doors and windows open, this keeps the air circulating and stops the atmosphere from becoming stuffy. 
  • Alcohol dehydrates; the combination of this and the high temperatures of summer is potentially dangerous. Make sure you provide plenty of free cold water at different stations around the venue so even those who go a little overboard on the booze have an opportunity to hydrate themselves. 
  • Hot, sweaty weather, excitement and dancing feet are the ingredients to a potent, rather smelly recipe. As a nice little touch, consider putting cans of deodorant in the restroom. You could also make sun cream available, after all burnt guests won’t be happy guests as the evening sets in.  
  • Make sure your venue has sufficient facilities to store the food in hot weather. The food should also be appropriately covered before it is served to protect it. 
  • Consider lighting citronella candles as they help to put off unwelcome buzzing guests. 

Embrace the climate 

You only get one wedding day and as you can’t book the weather with the same ease you can the caterers, you may as well make the most of it, whatever the forecast. 

As a wedding photographer I have seen how the wind, the rain, the sun and even the snow can provide amazing photo opportunities. When you are prepared, and have small contingency plans available for different climates then when it comes to the day you can relax. The truth is you can’t completely weather proof your wedding but you can embrace whatever it brings. 

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