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Wedding Day worry - wedding dress

Wedding Day Worries - let's banish those worries and enjoy your wedding!

Want to actually enjoy Your Wedding Day - let's banish those wedding day worries for good!


Don’t freak out about an empty dance floor or worry about walking down the aisle, here’s how to banish those wedding day worries and enjoy your wedding day.


Walking down the aisle - wedding day worry

Wedding Day worry - “I’m so nervous about walking down the aisle”


It can be daunting walking down the aisle even if you are super confident. Just remember everyone is there because they love you and want to celebrate your day with one. Take a deep breath, make eye contact with your fiancé and focus on them. Believe me, you will be so wrapped up with each other you will forget anyone else is there.


Wedding Day Worries - walking down the aisle

“This is so true! I didn’t think about any else being there once I had walked in and all the nerves went away!” - Steph  


Wedding Day worries - good times for all!Wedding Day Worry - “What if no one has a good time?”


Your guests don’t expect to be entertained non-stop, they are there to celebrate the best day of your life with you. Good food, wine and some great music - you will have an awesome time.




Wedding Day worry - dance the night awayWedding Day Worry - “I can’t bear the thought of an empty dance floor”


Whether you choose an iPod disco, a DJ or a band, get those bridesmaids and ushers to get the dancing started - everyone else will soon follow. If you want the dance floor packed all night - make sure there’s something for everyone music wise. 

Wedding Day worry - have a good time! 


Wedding Day worry - photos

Wedding Day Worry - “I’m going to look awful in my photos”


Your photos are a lasting memory of your wedding day - you will look back on these forever so you want ones you will love.


Firstly, choose a photographer that you like - this will really help with making you feel comfortable when you are having your  photos taken.


Secondly, if your photographers offers a pre wedding session - take them up on it - there are so many benefits to having a pre wedding sessions.

Wedding Day worry - pre wedding session 

There are lots of tips and inspiration for pre wedding sessions on my blog


Wedding Day Worries - will he like my dress?Wedding Day Worry - “What if he hates my dress”


Trust your instincts. You chose that dress for a reason, probably because it made you feel and look incredible. Your partner already thinks you are gorgeous and to be honest, they are going to be so excited to see you.



Wedding Day worries - getting emotionalWedding day Worry - I’m going to get too emotional and look like an idiot” 


Hey - its your wedding day, you are allowed to get emotional! (I cried on mine, in fact Have been known to cry at some weddings that I am capturing!)  Ask any guest and chances are they’ll say their favourite bit of a wedding is when the bride gets a bit tearful. If you want to keep a the tears at bay - practise reading your vows aloud as often as you can in the run up to the day so you feel more at ease.



Wedding Day Worry - rain on your wedding dayWedding Day Worry - “Rain is going to spoil my day”


If there is one thing out of your control, it’s the weather, so step away from those weather apps!


A rainy day doesn’t mean your wedding will be a washout, If you are planning parts of your day outside have a Plan B. Be prepared, colourful umbrellas and wellies can look great in your photos. If it rains after dark do pop outside for a few photos if your photographer asks you - it makes for pretty images.


Also, it is considered good luck if it rains on your wedding day! 



Wedding Day worries - hair and make upWedding Day Worry - “What happens if I don’t like my hair and make up after it is done”


If you are using a professional, make sure you have a trail run before the big day, include any accessories that you are planning to wear in your hair. Be honest with yourself and your hairdresser/make up artist.


If you are doing your own hair and make up  - practise and have someone on hand just in case nerves get the netter of you. Get yourself plenty of time too.



Wedding Day Worry - “I don’t want to wear a mask”


This is a new worry for so many couples and one that will change. Your registrar, vicar or celebrant will be able to help you with the most up to date guidelines. At the moment, everyone apart from the couple and the person conducting the ceremony will need to wear a mask if the ceremony is taking place inside. Once at outside (at the time of writing) masks are not mandatory, although you and your guests will need to follow social distancing guidelines, this applies for any group photos that will be taken. Try not to worry too much, the weddings I have captured recently have still been filled with so much happiness, joy and love. Prior to your wedding day, we will meet up and discuss how we will still capture your day.

Covid wedding day worry


I hope this helps to banish some of those wedding day worries, don't forget I am always at the end of an email if you want chat.


 Kathryn 28 Kathryn x


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