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Wedding Photography – from a bride’s perspective

A bride's perspective

As soon as you really start planning a wedding, you find yourself in a sea of cookie tracked social media pages, posts, websites and click through ad’s with a sprinkling of blogs and advice to boot. One of the topics most commonly displayed on my browser appeared to be wedding photography. There were many ad’s offering me everything that sounded dream like and made me want to have it all, this was backed up with blog after blog about the do’s and dont’s and what you need to ask your photographer before making a decision whether they’re “the one”. Many advised you to ask questions that I thought were so rude, I wouldn’t personally dare ask and insisted you look through their past work and discuss styles, all whilst discussing what I WANTED and what budget I was happy to work within. It then hit me……….yes I knew that I wanted X shot with X people and that I wanted to make sure we had ones signing the register etc but I’m no photographer, I have no eye for this (otherwise it would be my profession) so who am I to make demands for what I WANT? I knew that whoever I trusted to photograph my wedding would need to understand me to know what would work best for us and make the visions in my head even better in reality and with amazing concepts that I hadn’t even thought of.


The thing for me was that although these fairytale photo’s that kept appearing in my browser looked amazing and the idea’s for certain shots sounded like masterpieces, looking at it realistically, it wasn’t going to work for us. Taking it down to the nitty gritty, I am no size 6, 5’10 model and I have a dire hate of camera’s and what they show about me – why photograph the wedding at all then I was asked?! As much as I dislike and avoid camera’s where possible, I knew I had to suck it up and get as many photo’s of the day as possible as I would regret it otherwise. Wedding photograph’s are important, good wedding photograph’s are imperative – they outlast the memories that may fade in the future and on my wedding day, I didn’t want to forget a single moment. 


So how did my search end up taking me to Kathryn and Capture This Moment? I know a few wedding photographers, all who I knew would capture the day beautifully but the reason I chose Kathryn was because of her. Of course her style, quality of work and value for money was important but the main draw was her herself. Kathryn has this aura that oozes happiness, a happiness that over rides even your biggest nerves and worries. I knew that it was important to be honest with her from day one – I explained my hate of the camera, my fears of pictures showing all of the lumps and bumps I spend my life trying to hide and the concern that out of all the photo’s taken, not one would make me truly smile. I blurted out all of the things that worried me like how my hubby to be was 6’6 and I didn’t want to look like a little pixie stood next to him and how I only ever have photo’s taken from a height as it hides the double chin! After I’d blurted all of this out, I felt really silly, I honestly wouldn’t have been surprised if she’d ushered me out of the door, I must have been a nightmare! But surprisingly, she didn’t usher me out at all, in fact she made me feel really at ease and took everything I said on board. She settled my worries and together we researched ways to make the height difference disappear and how to capture everything I wanted without it being too formal or staged. 


Over the next 3 months, she made me feel that no question I asked was annoying, nothing was too daft and she pointed me in the direction of numerous places I could get ideas from and worked with me on them to find the best solution for us. We discussed venue ideas, photo opportunities and all of this was combined with laughter, coffee and even cake. I looked forward to talking to her about it, in amongst the massive task list of planning a wedding and problems/issues that arose, I could count on Kathryn to make me see the light at the end of the tunnel and feel excitement towards the day, even if at times I just wanted to sit and cry! 


Fast forward to the day and her face was the first one I saw as I arrived at the venue. Feeling nervous and petrified about the fact that everyone was about to stare at me walking down the aisle, with her bubbly personality, she once again put me at ease and made me feel excited about what was about to happen. As I walked down the aisle to my future husband, even though my dress caught on every skirting board and my veil felt like it was about to fall out, I knew that at least I didn’t need to worry about what my photo’s would look like as she would have this all in hand. 


She worked to a loose shoot list i’d given her and nothing was too much trouble, even when random opportunities and requests arose, she wasn’t flustered and nothing was a problem. Everyone who attended was put at ease by her – her way of making people laugh meant that she captured natural happy smiles, not the fake plastered ones you manage when someone shouts “cheese!” When we arrived at the reception venue she was ready for a confetti entrance and she had the guests completely organised so everything happened at the right time together. For us it was a whirlwind of a day, I can only imagine how stressful it must have been for her, she didn’t show it though! 


We were extremely lucky to have Issy who was Kathryn’s second shooter for the day – a very bright and up and coming photographer in the making who has a keen eye for the unusual and simplistic shots – perfect for us. They worked so well as a team and we loved listening to them discussing idea’s about what they could do next, we felt like models and royalty as they did test shots and light checks! 


Whilst we’ve only had a sneak peak of 3 photo’s so far, we’re so proud of those 3 that we literally have showed them to anyone who will look at them. They’re across our personal (and work!) social media platforms and have been emailed to all family too! For the woman who has a hate of camera’s to feel proud enough to display these photo’s so publicly is a testament to how good Capture This Moment’s work is. They show us as we are but they highlight the love we have between us – everyone has said how visible that love is. We have everlasting proof that our wedding day was the best day of our lives and how magical it was – thanks to Kathryn and Issy. 

wedding photography - Penyard House


If you’re like me and are feeling a little self conscious about your wedding photo’s – you won’t find anyone better to help you to actually enjoy the experience and have something you’ll be proud of for the rest of your life than Capture This Moment. Thank you Kathryn and Issy for making our day so special – we can’t wait to see the rest! 


Jo & Andy xx


Thank you Jo and Andy, it was a pleasure to capture your special day and thank you so much for your kind words.

If you would like to chat to me about your forthcoming wedding please email me at kathryn@capturethismoment.co.uk





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