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What I love - Capture this Moment Photography

 Recently I have been thinking about what I love in my life and what I love about Capture this Moment Photography. There is a reason for thinking about what I love - an online course for photographers run by Vicki Knights Photography.


In my life, I love my family and friends, spending time with them at home. Being out and about, exploring the Forest of Dean and travelling - Scandinavia is at the top of my wish list.

Live performances whether music or theatre are definitely missed at the moment.


I enjoy reading and the odd glass of gin. I love to cook and bake and find it a great way to relax. 


I love colour - mustard yellow is a big favourite of mine. Finally, I love getting to know people and hearing their stories.


When asked to think about the things I love about Capture this Moment Photography.

It didn’t take me long to come up with an answer, what I love are people and their stories. 


When I meet couples who are planning their wedding, I love hearing about their plans for their special day, how they met, what they love about their chosen venue. When we meet up for a pre wedding session, it always great to hear how their planning is going, getting know each other a little bit more means we are all a little bit more relaxed and this shows in my work. On the wedding day, I love capturing the couple, their family and friends and their interactions with each other. Watching them share stories, giggle, hug and celebrating means the final images are authentic and natural.

Colourful, natural wedding photography in Herefordshire 

Being asked to capture a family is always a joy, joining a family for either a walk in the beautiful outdoors means everyone can relax, we can explore together and make discoveries. Maybe finding treasures or bugs.

Colourful, natural family photography | Gloucestershire 

Fairly recently, (five years ago), I started photographing small businesses and creatives, working with these individuals was and still is inspiring. We often chat about how and why we started our businesses. We share tips and knowledge, relaxing in each others company.

Natural, colourful photography for Your Brand| Gloucestershire


I love exploring locations whether it is a venue with a couple, or the outdoors with a family, I love looking for colour, textures - I get excited about a red brick wall or a door frame (sometimes I squeal with delight!) Sometimes, I work at a location that might not be an obvious choice for a backdrop, making it look amazing in photos is a joy.



Capture this Moment Photography - colourful, natural, authentic  photography for your family, your wedding and your brand.


What I love - people, colour and stories

Colourful Natural Photography by Capture this Moment Photography

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