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What is stopping you from getting professional photos for your brand?

Recently, I asked for your insights into “What is stopping you from getting professional photos for your brand?”


As a photographer, I was already had an idea of what stops people from booking - time, cost, body insecurities or just a complete aversion of being in front of the camera. I totally get each of these however I thought I would explore these ideas further.

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There was a huge factor, many recognised the importance of photography for their business, but couldn’t justify the expense at that time. 


Yes, professional photography can be expensive. Let’s explore the reasons behind why photography maybe expensive.


Kit - professional cameras are expensive, most photographers including myself will own more than one camera and have a selection of lenses.


Insurance - all professional photographers should hold insurance both liability and indemnity Insurance. Plus insurance for their equipment.


Storage - both on and offline storage of the image files.


Time - it is more than a hour’s work. Prior to your session, preparation and research is needed. Batteries need to be charged, equipment checked over, memory cards prepared. There will be research and pre session consultations. As each session is unique and an investment in your business - it needs to be right.  


Preparation is key to making sure you get the most out of your session.


Software costs - each image will need some of adjustment after your session with software like Lightroom and Photoshop


On the day its self, the photographer will be putting you at ease, looking at the light, checking the background, being creative to create the perfect images for your brand. 


Continued investment in equipment and ongoing training so ensure that I am offering my very best for you.


When you book a photographer you are paying for their skills, their knowledge and their time - before and after as well as the time with you. 


Top tip:

 When booking a photographer check what their packages include - are there any hidden extras? How many images are included?

 A good branding photography session should give you a variety of images that really showcase your brand and that you can use across various platforms.


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Body Insecurities 


Most people that replied to my request were women and in their replies many stated that body insecurities was huge factor and one that sadden me. So many people see themselves so differently to how others see them. 


Choosing a photographer that makes you feel comfortable will help so much with this one. 


For a very long time, I avoided having my photograph taken maybe the odd selfie with family and friends, never anything on a more professional basis. Back to 2018 I attended a retreat for photographers, as part of the package, a professional headshot was included. I wasn’t overly keen about having this taken but the photographer put me at ease, it was like having a chat with a friend, the final result -  images I love and use. Last year I managed to have a mini branding session with the same photographer, the final images are used all the time. 


Recently I read Beyond Beautiful by Anuschka Rees and she has these wonderful words of advice:


“Remember that everyone can look better and worse.

Physical beauty is not a fixed value and one bad photo does not prove that you are unattractive. We are all capable of looking amazing and awful, both in photos and in real life, depending on a huge number of factors like lighting, angles, makeup, the time of day and so on. Even supermodels take bad photos.


One of the most important things to do in a situation that seriously disrupts your body image is to be kind to yourself, just like you would have compassion for every other woman who has been made to terrible about herself because of societal ideals.”



She also suggests that redirect your attention to the positive memory that a photo captures.


“End on a high note by taking a moment to focus on a positive aspect that this photo represents. What were you doing when this photo was taken? What were you feeling? Were you having fun with friends? Were you exploring a cool place or about to eat a delicious meal? A photo can just represent a moment of time instead of being an inquisition into your attractiveness in the moment”


During your branding session, redirect your attention to the story that that image is sharing with your clients, how you make your clients feel and all the positive aspects of being in the image as well as the positivity that you achieve in your business.


Choosing a photographer that makes you feel comfortable will help so much with this one. 


Asking for insights whilst in the middle of a lockdown prompted many to say that a visit to the hairdressers or to a beautician was a top priority as a Phoebe Waller Bridge quite rightly said in Fleabag “ Hair is everything. We wish it wasn't, so we could actually think about something else occasionally, but it is. It's the difference between a good day and a bad day. ... Hair is everything, Anthony”  


I am with you on on this one 100% and while I don’t think of myself as partially vain or high maintenance when it comes to beauty, I would need a visit to the hairdressers before an photoshoot at this moment  ;)


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Ever-changing stock 

Another stumbling block was the longevity of an image. If your business is very product based and it is ever changing this is a concern. I have two suggestions here:


Most smart phones have excellent cameras and with some knowledge about lighting, set up etc, you can take some amazing images that will suit your business.


I have free guide full of tips to help, you can download your copy here.


I am also running an online workshop on 7th April - you can book your place here


Alternatively look for a photographer who offers a subscription service where you can pay for services and spread the cost.


My Your Brand Membership offers this service.



Before any professional photography session, I would ask you to plan, think about the images you need, where you are going to use, what is their purpose. Think about the location, what you will wear.  Trust me, your photographer to use my skills and knowledge to capture the very best images for your brand. 

Be kind to yourself - you will love some of the images, others not so much. Treat yourself with compassion.




Is it time  stand out from the crowd and showcase your brand and your personality? Drop me a message for a no obligation chat about a personal branding session with Capture this Moment Photography.


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