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When Tilly met Josh.. an engagement photoshoot


An engagement photoshoot with Tilly and Josh at the beautiful Robinswood Hill in Gloucestershire.


How did you meet?


Josh and I met as scare actors at Frightmare at Over Farm, Gloucestershire and spent the week finding new things to do in the daytime before getting made up for the night time attraction. I was living in halls at Bristol university at the time and, on the first day I saw him, I went back and told all of my housemates that I think I had experienced love at first sight. I kept my feelings hidden, though, as we allowed the friendship to flourish.

The day after we wrapped up for the season, Josh moved to Southampton. The distance was huge and I have never felt more unsure of what the future holds, until a girl who worked at Gloucesters Frightmare with me wanted to come up and visit- a trip Josh wanted to tag along with. That was the first time we kissed, and from there we were inseparable.

Eventually, he moved back to Gloucestershire and we moved in to a small house in Hardwicke. Josh is a calm, positive and loving ray of sunshine who always knows exactly what I need before I do. He brings so much happiness to everyone around him and has made me a better person by just knowing him; I find myself in situations now where I think 'what would Josh do?'


Tell me more about your proposal  

On Saturday 27th February, I woke up to the smell of burnt toast (that's how Josh likes it) and bacon. Waking up with a smile on my face, I saw him at the top of the stairs with a smoothie as he told me my breakfast and a cup of tea was waiting for me on the table. After a lovely breakfast, Josh told me that he wanted to go for a walk today. He suggested going to Robinswood hill, Gloucester a place where we have shared many wonderful, poignant times. I said that sounded nice, but wanted to chill for a bit and maybe have a bath. Four hours later, I started getting ready to go for our walk.As I was getting ready, I thought that maybe we could try going somewhere else for a change. I started suggesting different places, which Josh shrugged off noncommittally. After the fourth or fifth place I suggested going, Josh said 'Look, why don't we just go to Robinswood Hill?' "Why do you always want to go there? Can't we ever have some change?" I snapped back, lacing up my shoes. Ten minutes later, in the car, I held Josh's hand, "I'm sorry, it's that time of the month"- Josh laughed and squeezed my hand.

We got to Robinswood hill and it was misty and cold, nobody else was there. We started the steep ascent, both of us unzipping our coats, then taking them off altogether as we huffed and puffed our way up. As we walked, we reminisced times we had come here: when we were 'just friends'; when we realised we loved each other; when it was my younger sisters birthday and we organised a surprise barbecue for her at the base of the hill; and fireworks night, when we braved the dark and found our way to the top of the Cotswold Hill.

As we reached the top, we commented on how we could see Over Farm, the place we first met. We could see the school we both worked at, and where we lived now. We sat on the bench we sat on the very first time we climbed that hill, Josh has admitted how much he wanted to kiss me the first time we got there many times, and Josh asked me to stand up. Kneeling on the mud, Josh pulled out a ring box from his pocket and asked me to marry him.

My first response was 'Really??' (X 100) but after I was safely assured it wasn't a dream, or a joke, I nodded through my tears and hugged him tightly.


Our session took us to the top of Robinswood Hill, a steep and sometimes slippery climb, we stopped along the way to capture some images (and to catch our breathe!) before reaching the spot where Josh proposed, here we capture a few stunning images, took in the view before tackling the rather dangerous decent (how we didn't slip in the mud is beyond me!). This Gloucestershire based couple enjoyed a great photoshoot despite the conditions and we would be delighted to share your memories with us. Remember although I’m a Gloucestershire based wedding photographer I’m also available for a wide range of photography events including family photoshoots, pet photos, and even School photographs with a more relaxed feel than traditional photoshoots. 


It was a great afternoon spending time with two people so much in love, wishing you both much happiness and love in your future together xx


An engagement session is a wonderful way to celebrate such a happy occasion, to find out more please contact me.

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