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Why Are Some Wedding Photographers More Expensive than Others?

Actually getting married doesn’t have to be expensive, just the cost of the registry office and the job is done right? Well most people want more than this and putting on the whole wedding with bells and whistles is what costs the money. 

How much you spend on your day is completely your choice. Prices of all services vary hugely in the wedding industry but as the bride and groom, you have the power to make every single decision. You determine the cost of your big day, so when it comes to the photographer, you have to ask yourself the question, what value do you put on the ultimate keepsake of your special day? 

In this post we will explore 4 reasons why some wedding photographers are more expensive than others. 

You pay for experience

A lot of the lower end photographers are simply less experienced. It’s only fair that they charge less; it gives them an opportunity to fill their calendars and subsequently their portfolios. 

It’s a fair deal, they get experience and you get a lower cost. The downside is that as they are gaining experience they will naturally make mistakes. This is all part of the learning process and why they don’t charge as much, but as a customer you adjust your expectations accordingly. 

Quality equipment costs money 

When you are building a photography business, buying the right, high quality equipment is not easy. It is expensive and just like anyone in business, to justify the purchase you need to be making enough money to pay for it. 

It is easier than ever to get your hands on a relatively cheap digital SLR camera and lens kit, so effectively anyone can  become a photographer. 

Although, these cameras have their place, they don’t provide anywhere near the same capability as those on the higher end of the market.  A Canon 5D flagship camera for example, is able to take incredibly beautiful images in any light and has multiple professional functions that allow the photographer to skilfully adapt the camera to take the most artistic and captivating images. 

It isn’t just the cameras that cost money, the editing equipment also has to be considered. For a photographer, this is where the magic happens and they create your memories. Remember, the better the equipment the better the finished result. Like so many things in life, you get what you pay for. 

The higher the price tag, the better the contingency plan 

The only thing you can completely rely on technology to do is fail. At some point no matter how fancy or expensive a piece of equipment is something will go wrong. The more experienced photographer knows and plans for this. They will make sure that they not only have one highly performing camera, but two (or even three)!

A back up camera is an essential part of a professional wedding photographer’s kit; they have to be prepared for every occasion. Unfortunately, the lower end photographers won’t necessarily know this or don’t have the finances to ensure they have doubled up on everything they need. 

Speaking of back up, the experienced photographer will have a procedure in place to back up the photographs immediately after the event. This takes time and when your wedding guests are tucked up in their beds with the evening’s music ringing in their ears, a high end photographer will still be up making sure every single image is backed up so no matter what happens, they can deliver you the product you paid for. 

The more expensive photographers will give you more hours 

Many assume that photographers are paid for the day of the wedding. The truth is there are many hours involved in the whole process or at least they are when you invest in a higher end professional. 

Before the wedding, a high end professional will meet with you beforehand, they will then visit the venue with you so that they can understand what you love most about it and incorporate any specific features into the images. They will even attend your rehearsal and seek out the other key providers so they can effectively provide the best service by working with other agencies. 

After the event, they spend hours backing up, editing, creating and delivering you the memories you can keep forever. This all takes time and if you are paying for a budget photographer, they simply won’t be able to give this to you. Not necessarily because they don’t want to but because they can’t. The lower end photographer either has to do a second job or take on multiple bookings in a weekend to make up their money. When you pay a higher cost you are allowing the photographer to completely focus on you and the service will be higher as a result.  

High Quality Photographer in Gloucestershire

If you have weighed up all the options and decided that you will invest in quality on your wedding day, then click here so that we can arrange an initial consolation.

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