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 Outside Venue for Your Family Photo Shoot  - May Hill

Why Should You Choose an Outside Venue for Your Family Photo Shoot

Studio photography will always have a place in the industry. Because it is a controlled environment it is protected from unpredictable elements such as the weather and sunlight, for some photographers this makes it a preferable option. However, for me I would much prefer to grab my camera and head to the great outdoors.  So why should you head to an outside venue for your family photo shoot? 

 Outside Venue for Your Family Photo Shoot  

 The unpredictability is exactly what gives the outside space a magic that studio images just cannot compete with. In this post I will share with you 3 reasons I believe you should choose an outside venue for your next family photo shoot. 

  • No replacement for natural light 


The light might be unpredictable outside but a good photographer can always use it to their advantage. Natural light  is so much more powerful because it does so much more than provide sterile illumination, it provides contrast, atmosphere and texture. Using the light available, a professional will guide you and your family into the perfect position to fully embrace the light on the day, far from being an inconvenience, it gives your photos a unique feel that can’t be replicated. 

 Outside Venue for Your Family Photo Shoot - sibling love


  • Capture many moments in one session 


When shooting outside you get the opportunity to use many different backgrounds in the same session. For every 90 angle you move your images could show an entirely different location. You have the world literally at your fingertips with natural props everywhere. The colours, textures and opportunities are endless.


The best part for me is the faces of the children. A photoshoot has the potential to be overwhelming for  little ones, when you think about it from a child's point of view you can see why; they probably don't know the photographer and being in a strange environment makes it an even more alien experience. Going outside is the antidote to this though; children relax more when in a natural space, as a photographer the images that I love taking are the ones that capture who they are. You don't get this in the studio with strong artificial lights and a forced smile. You get it out in the fresh air as they play and explore the world around them.

 Outside Venue for Your Family Photo Shoot  - on the beach 

  • Make the shoot personal 

There is nothing personal about a studio. You are just one of many familes getting their photos taken in that same space. It doesn't mean anything to you as individuals. With an outside location you get to choose somewhere that has special meaning to you; a place that means something to your family. 


The images produced as a result will have so much more value because looking at them will trigger even more happy memories for your family. Once again proving that photography is more than taking a picture, it is capturing a moment. 

Your Family Photo Shoot outside


For more information of Capture this Moment then connect with me today for a free quote and we can start talking locations. 

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